Minor Lucidity

After 19 Lucid dreams since January 1st, I can officially say, there’s degrees of awareness within a dream.

It sounds obvious, but some might be inclined to think you’re either cognizant while dreaming or you’re not. Last night, before I went to sleep, rather than specifically planning for a “Wake, Back to Bed” (though my alarm was set for 4:30a.m.), I took my supplements and drank a cup of apple juice. But I also took 9mgs of melatonin.

I went to sleep with my earplugs and sleepmask on, thinking this might trigger my mind into thinking I was attempting a Wake Initiated Lucid Dream, causing a lucid dream. I woke up face down in my pillow, with my mask half off, and one earplug in my hand (this never happens when I’m in my “sleep chamber” actually attempting a WILD), so I put the stuff on the bedside table and went to the bathroom and back to sleep.

I had plenty of dreams, but most of them forgotten. At 4:30a.m., I woke up, having just had a long semi-violent dream about me and some friends tracking some bad men down throughout a rough neighborhood. I remember throwing a bicycle at a dude’s face. I didn’t WANT to get up and use the restroom again, but I had to. Standing in front of the toilet, I tried remembering more details about the violent dream. Instead, I suddenly remembered I had a lucid dream earlier.

All I could remember was, I knew I was dreaming, but I was SO tired (mentally, probably from the melatonin) that I kept giving in to dream logic and the dream scenario. I *knew* I was dreaming, but I found myself attempting to get a baby to see and acknowledge a baby hamster, all hairless and eyes pinched shut. The baby would look towards it, and then away as if there was nothing interesting to be seen here, so I grew bored with it.

I flew up to the corner of the room, sluggishly, and drifted back down. As I drifted back down, I faded/shifted out of the dream. The End.

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