Failed WILD breeds Lucid Dream

From 5:00AM to 7:00AM, I attempted a Wake Initiated Lucid Dream, and having failed, got up and went back to bed.

Down the Rabbit Hole (Rated R)

A failed WILD, but an interesting, if not short, lucid dream. I dreamt my coworkers, bosses and I were all walking out to our cars. It was a little dark outside, but the sun was still out.

Despite not being a lucid dream, I knew that it was Friday. In my excitement, I yelled, “Have a great weekend!” One of my bosses looked at me funny, like, “Why would you joke about that in front of the other boss?”

I then realized that we weren’t going home but we were just walking out the owner. I looked at my watch, and again despite not being lucid, I knew roughly the time it was in the waking world. 7:15 AM.

I thought whether it’s 7am or pm, I STILL shouldn’t be at work. We went back inside, where I sat down and the owner, my wife and someone else I don’t remember were all talking. My female boss kept giving me a strange “come on” kind of look, and it clicked. I’m dreaming.

Now, randy, I walked instead over to my wife and was about to get it on, but the dream shifted and I felt like I was waking up.

I hadn’t remembered my dream music goal, but I DID remember I want to keep these dreams going, and freaking out or fighting it always wakes me up, so I closed my eyes in the dream and relaxed.

I opened one eye, and felt a blast of “energy” through it. Was that real or did I just dream it? I closed my eyes and waited, focusing on remaining lucid but staying asleep.

Soon I was back in the little room I was in but the people were gone. I looked around the room which had candy and nick-nacks strewn about (what’s it with empty hotel/motel rooms with candy?!). I was determined to have dream sex, so I looked outside the motel window and walked out the door.

Rated X

Seriously, you’ve been warned. Only writing this for my own benefit.

I walked down a side street while the hour was still around dawn. Darkness still surrounded the buildings, but lights from the street lit up the area. I heard meows above, and looked up to see several long haired white cats jumping out a 2nd story window onto the ledges and awnings nearby.

The area had that romanticized, fantasy based red light district quality, so I -THOUGHT- I knew what I’d find up there. I flew to the window, looked inside, and saw an adult Alice… as in In Wonderland!

So I flew in through the window, lifted her skirt, and checked to make sure everything was ready. She grabbed me, and… well, I think Peter Pan and Alice just got aquainted.

Then I had a false awakening. I knew I had to get ready for work, but my wife was still sleeping. I felt kinda guilty for the previous dream, despite how strange and random it was. Suddenly my alarm was going off in the waking world!

Then I didn’t feel so guilty, lol. It was just a dream, afterall!

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