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WILD Success and Lucidity

So I’ve been feeling bad I haven’t made time for dreams and lucidity, let alone a true Wake, Back to Bed where I go into my sleep chamber and attempt a Wake Initiated Lucid Dream. So last night, before bed … Continue reading

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Dirty, Vulgar Lucid Dream

No, not going into the details on this one, other than to say it was a sexual dream with my wife (phew, no storybook characters showed up this time) — but the thing is, I can only recall becoming aware … Continue reading

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We Dream in Infinite

The second worst kind of WILD is the kind where you dream you’re trying to have a WILD. Last night I went into the sleep chamber, put on my headphones and sleep mask, and fell asleep pretty quickly. At some … Continue reading

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The Long Muddy Beach (Lucid) Dream

I’ve been feeling bad for not recording or blogging my regular/average dreams, fearing that this might cause me to stop having lucid dreams. My weekend was hectic, so I never got a chance to WILD (Wake Initiated Lucid Dream). So … Continue reading

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