WILD Success and Lucidity

So I’ve been feeling bad I haven’t made time for dreams and lucidity, let alone a true Wake, Back to Bed where I go into my sleep chamber and attempt a Wake Initiated Lucid Dream. So last night, before bed at midnight, I decided to lay there in the manner in which I do when attempting a WILD.

On my back, covers up to my neck, with my hands at my sides, I began to fall asleep pretty quickly — but before I could fall asleep completely, my wife nudged me and said, “You’re snoring, could you roll over?”

So I did, and lamented how close I was to being asleep. Then I nearly fell asleep again, but thought I had spoke aloud, which jolted me a little. I imagined my wife might’ve asked me if I was okay, because I was trying to speak to her and say, “Phew, I started talking in my sleep,” but I couldn’t form words.

This freaked me out, so I attempted to roll back over towards her, but my body was paralized. Sleep paralysis had set in, so I started breathing at odd rhythms, to break out of it. Then I stopped, “What’re you DOING? You WANT this!”

So I relaxed and focused on the lights that started appearing in my eyes rather quickly. I heard noises, but was at peace with it. Soon it felt like I had a small piece of gum in my mouth, so I started imagining I was chewing it.

Soon I was chewing bubblegum and decided I should get up. I sat up, a small bedroom light was now on, and I turned to look at my wife who was halfway down the bed and giving me a funny look.

“We’re dreaming!”, I told her. “Let’s go DO something!” We got out of bed, and she said, “Like what?”

I felt we should at getting out of the room first, and once we did, she decided she had to use the bathroom before we left. Here’s a perfect example of being LUCID enough to know you’re dreaming, but NOT enough to escape dream logic completely.

None of the main lights in the apartment were working, and no matter how much I concentrated, I couldn’t WILL them to come on. I thought maybe I should just have dream sex with my wufe, but remembered I didn’t want my lucidity degrading into that one constant thing, so I ignored the impulse. I told my wife through the door about the lights and opened the door only to see her there with a candle burning in the bathroom.

She finished, we walked out into the hallway, and I started losing the dream.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t calm and I jolted around and actually woke up. I didn’t want to get up, but I knew if I stayed asleep I’d probably the details of this dream, so I got up and recorded this dream.

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