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Weeks and Only a Weak WILD

Oh sure, I’ve had near lucids, like the day my wife and I both had headaches, and fell asleep on the living room couch. I dreamed I held a silhouette of a person’s profile up to my face, sleepily pondering, “I … Continue reading

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A WILD Evening Alone

In the last week or two, I’ve attempted at least 3 times to have a Wake Initiated Dream to positively, ABSOLUTELY, no avail! Each time, I simply fall dead asleep and never really return until it feels like I’ve tried … Continue reading

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Feeling guilty I’ve been so lazy with my dream journal and WILD attempts (had a failed attempt Friday night, not worth blogging), I took every one of my dream supplements (from apple juice to galantamine) and kicked off last night. … Continue reading

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False Awakening Lucidity

One of my shortest lucid dreams to date, bookended by false awakenings… I dreamed I woke up and something was annoying either myself or my wife, then I got up to use the bathroom. In the hallway, I stopped to … Continue reading

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