False Awakening Lucidity

One of my shortest lucid dreams to date, bookended by false awakenings…

I dreamed I woke up and something was annoying either myself or my wife, then I got up to use the bathroom. In the hallway, I stopped to take off my socks which were bothering me. It slipped my attention that the bed was in the living-room, but when I struggled and struggled to get my socks off, I thought, “This has GOT to be a dream.”

I did my reality check, looking at my hands to count the fingers, and there were a few extra than should be, so I lept up.

“Haha, I’m dreaming!”, I said to my wife as I walked towards the door. “Where are you going?”, she asked. “Where ever I want!”

But when I opened the door, instead of a new world, or even what’s usually behind the door, I was enveloped in swirling blackness.

I stayed calm, and tried to ride it out, and had another false awakening, but this one FELT heavier, more real. I looked at my hands, KNOWING this had to be the waking world, and my eyes struggled but focused on five fingers on my right hand, which was all I needed to be convinced…. AGAIN, never mind the fact that the bed was STILL in the living room!

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