Feeling guilty I’ve been so lazy with my dream journal and WILD attempts (had a failed attempt Friday night, not worth blogging), I took every one of my dream supplements (from apple juice to galantamine) and kicked off last night.

At one point, I woke up half asleep thinking, “Ooh, a quick lucid dream, you can’t forget that,” but I can’t remember its contents.

Then I dreamt I was “dreamscaping”, literally shifting the landscape, although I do not recall KNOWING I was dreaming. I knew if I turned my head and looked back, the scenery could change, and it was a heavily wooded area with large patches of sand dunes and glades mixed in. Walking up one of the hills, I thought, “Now, if I was dreaming, this’d work better.”

Then later I dreamed I was in my grandmother’s front yard, which was semi-flooded, and it was filled with baby to younger alligators. I wanted to walk across to get away from them, but they were everywhere.

Later still, I dreamed I was driving through tight turns in a nice, predominantly black, neighborhood, and suddenly I was “driving” into and through houses and hallways. When I reached a beautiful girl’s room, I was suddenly aware I was dreaming (semi-lucid almost all night it seems), and I hopped into bed with her, but her father walked in.

Throughout the last dream, I was hearing a beeping noise, and I had a false awakening in a strange home that was supposed to be mine. I wondered what that noise was in the “real world”, and whether or not it was the beeping that was causing me to be borderline lucid all night.

I walked throughout the halls and came to a kitchen-to-the-garage door that was ajar causing an alarm to beep.

What a night!

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