Weeks and Only a Weak WILD

Oh sure, I’ve had near lucids, like the day my wife and I both had headaches, and fell asleep on the living room couch. I dreamed I held a silhouette of a person’s profile up to my face, sleepily pondering, “I wonder what’d happen if I fell asleep staring at this?”, then I focused my eyes and saw my wife’s profile with the coffee table lamp behind her, and thought, “Wait a minute, this isn’t a printed image I’m looking at, it’s her.”

Now was I awake at any point? Who knows? I might’ve just fallen asleep looking at her, and that’s where the dream went. Or maybe I dreamed of the printed profile, but really woke up and saw her, and drifted back to sleep again.

But as for full fledge lucid, let alone a fully successful WILD, well it’s been a while.

Last night, I had an interesting attempt, however. Lately, it seems I’m SO tired that when I get up for a WBTB (wake, back to bed) and get into the “sleep chamber”, I fall flat asleep and don’t really have the concentration to return to the attempt. Heck, one time, I woke up and didn’t even remember what day or time it was! So last night I figured I’d just take some vitamin B and dream supplements, and go right into the sleep chamber.

“They” suggest you wake up after about 5 hours of sleep before attempting a WILD, because you’re at an REM peak, more conducive to cognizant dreaming — and I agree. However, the whole dead tired thing combined with this has made it difficult lately. So, there I was at 2:00 a.m.

I didn’t succeed, but at least I got the sensations and trips. At one point, a flash of light to my right. At another point I heard a voice (probably me talking in my near-sleep); such things always perk me up and I’m staring with deadly concentration into the backs of my eyelids. I felt my left hand get cold (that was an odd one), and at another point, my left foot buzzed with it’s own numbness.

Something caused me to “know” I was close. I remember feeling like it was time to imagine my bed as a floating raft and that it would soon start bobbing. My feet felt numbed and pulled downwards, and it almost seemed as though my “raft” was going to dip downwards, as if I were coming up to a small dip in the waters of unconsciousness, but it never fully came.

Guess “they” are right. It really needs to be at those peaks times. But danged if I haven’t been super tired lately!

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