A Short Return to WILDing

A friend of mine was telling me of a short, muddy lucid dream he had a few days ago, and this reminded me that -I- had a VERY short, lucid dream as well a few days back. The details he was able to remember, however, made me jealous, and not having instantly written about my dream, I could only recall the tiniest information.

I was either hiding under the rear of a car, or one had attempted to back up over me, and I laid still. I remember thinking, “This is just like in that book,” and I realized I was dreaming and thinking the scenario had come from a book I had read.

So I got out from under the car and started excitedly telling some dream characters that I was dreaming, but soon after that, I woke up.

Pools Are Naughty

I’ve been keeping track of “dream motifs” and recurring themes, and pools are pretty common for me, despite my not swimming all that frequently anymore.

So last night, jealous that my friend just HAS lucid dreams without working at it, I was determined to have a Wake Initiated Lucid Dream. I got up around 5 hours of sleep, took some supplements and had a few pieces of chocolate, and went back to bed in my “sleep chamber”.

Listening to the rain sound effects on my iPhone, I tried concentrating and not moving a muscle. Soon I had to swallow, so I allowed myself to, and afterwards I started seeing lights. I thought I may just stay awake the entire 2 hours before my alarm went off, but I was soon having strange near-asleep thoughts. My consciousness went in and out, and eventually I imagined myself playing my acoustic guitar and singing.

This set off my brain (like the imaginary cat on my shoulder did months ago), which sent my body into sleep paralysis. Vibrations and shudders from head to toe, I awaited my bed to start raising and falling as if on waters like it often does at this point, but it didn’t happen.

I dipped under, and soon woke again as another series of vibrations occurred, and this time I was swaying in my raft bed. I wondered when I’d be safe to get up, thoroughly convinced that I wasn’t completely asleep yet. Instead of rising out of my closet into my office, I just suddenly was walking to the door to leave my office. I took note of how clean my usually messy office was, and kept on walking towards the front door.

The rain sounds could still be heard in my dream, so when I looked out the patio window, I was amused to see it raining. The outside pool was visible, and I thought I’d like to walk to it in the rain.

After getting outside, and walking to the pool, I saw a brunette from behind swimming. I walked up knowing what was about to happen, but the dream shifted and I was dreaming that I was back laying in the walk-in closet, with my sleep mask off and a low light on. I must’ve been tired, because I soon was “back to sleep”, and I was again walking to the front door, remembering there was sex to be had at the pool!

But when I stepped outside, the pool transformed into a pond and it was now sunny out. I saw the girl again, and was disturbed at the idea of sex in dirty pond water, not to mention bugs and snakes! The dream started wavering again, so I mentally jumped to the good, detailed and graphic up close stuff.

Entering the pond, we embraced, and it was mostly a blur of skin and sunlight. I never really saw her face, but as we neared the end, I lost the dream again! Shifting, half asleep, I started imagining where we left off, and soon it formed around me.

But after two returns to this dream, I woke up for real, knew I was truly awake this time.

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