2 Semi-Successful WILDs, In a Row

Last night I figured since lucidity is fresh in my mind with the success of the night before’s WILD, I’d attempt another Wake Initiated Lucid Dream again. So I was up after 5 hours of sleep, took some galantamine, B-vitamin, and mugwort, and had a few pieces of chocolate, and returned to my “sleep chamber”.

After a short period of time, I fell asleep and had a few dreams I cannot remember. I briefly woke up, acknowledging I missed the first bus, as it were. Soon there after, I was seeing lights, and the vibrations came soon. My feet began to get lighter and lighter, as they lifted above my head. This amused me, so I attempted to walk on the strangely lit closet’s ceiling (of course the sleep mask disappears once dreaming begins), but as soon as I exerted any effort, I began to slowly “sink” back down into the closet bed.

I dipped in and out of unconsciousness, and soon the lights began again, and my mind skipped right past walking through my office and down the hallway, and I was already in my living room. There was a friend sleeping on my living room couch, and I said something to him and might have even tossed something at him, as I walked out the front door. Outside was different than it really looks. A few people were walking about, and I saw an attractive woman. I kept thinking, “You’ve GOT to stop with the dream sex, it’s ruining your lucidity attempts! You wanted to focus on music, remember?”

But things were already getting started with the woman, so I actually remember humming a tune while we were getting fresh, and I was concentrating equally (if not more) on the music than her. At one point, I was distracted by both, because the dream REALLY came into sharp focus, and I thought, “Wow, this must be a peak I’m reaching here, because everything’s getting so vivid.”

Sadly, that “peak” also meant I was waking up. Soon I was back in my closet, worrying that I might wake my wife who had to get up early for work. So I returned to my real bed. Perhaps tonight, I shall accomplish a REAL goal. That said, I still had another successful WILD and lucid dream.

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