Only TWO Lucid Dreams in TWO Months?!

Well, in all honesty, I haven’t been trying. I let it fall by the wayside for several reasons. First of all, it’s surprisingly been a lot of work, half-asleep recording my dreams, acknowledging as many as possible, writing them all out, and most difficult of all has been getting up on 5 hours of sleep, prepping for a WBTB (“Wake, Back to Bed”) and concentrating on performing a Wake Initiated Lucid Dream (which has always been a bit hit and miss). Not to mention MOST of these lucid dreams have been SHORT as anything.

So I thought I’d take a break and see if they came naturally. Well, they haven’t really. Just two brief lucid dreams…

In one, I had a dream of following behind a van that was throwing confetti and small explosions out of their windows, and I was telling my wife about it via cellphone, when it dawned on me I was probably dreaming. I did a reality check, and sure enough I was. Now, in a small room (as frequently seems to happen when I become lucid), I looked for a way out. I saw what initially looked like a “dumb waiter” (small, hand-operated, elevator for meals, laundry, etc.), but when I opened it there was a small crawl space made of impacted snow, with a steel ladder set into the ice.

I climbed up and out of the room, only to find myself in an open area of the crawl space visible by an icy room with two bad men in it. They were speaking to each other, so I turned around and covered my back with snow, hoping they wouldn’t see me. After they stopped speaking, I slowly turned around and found myself face to face with one of them. He was played by none other than Seth Rogen! I pointed an imaginary gun at his head, and when he didn’t look impressed, I pulled the trigger, a loud bang went off, and he flew backwards. On his back, with no visible signs of injury, he stared upwards and said, “Um…. I’m not dead.”

This frustrated me, “Shut up! Just play along with it, the others will hear you and come running.”

“No, seriously, I’m okay,” he replied. I could hear people in the other room, and this angered me. I lost control of the dream, and it faded away.

Then recently, I had one of my briefest lucid dreams since January. I’m not sure how I realized I was possibly dreaming, but I recall looking to my hands for a reality check, and I was laying on my living room floor. After knowing that I was dreaming, I sat up on my futon couch, and for some reason decided that an Ewok would come around the corner from the kitchen. Sure enough, one did, he was singing, and I think it freaked me out, and I woke up!

I intend on buying another cheap raft, and setting up my “sleep chamber” (ie. Closet) in the near future for more WILD attempts — but in the meantime, I haven’t had many “natural” lucid dreams.

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