Sorry I’m Asleep Right Now, I’m Walking Into Spider-Webs…

A few nights ago, I dreamt I was walking through mall-like shops, as I was attempting to text my friend in lucidity (see “I Was Awaken Into a Nightmare“) about a DREAM I thought I remembered having, in which Steve Martin said, in a simpleton sort of way, “The man… is a daht (“dart”).”, which for some reason cracked me up.

As I made my way out of the mall into adjacent walkways and side-shops, I found myself on a path that circled a large pond with a fountain in the middle. Trees and bushes occasionally jetted from both sides of the path, and now and again I found myself walking through cobwebs. I’d brush them off, and after meeting up with my wife, we both turned back around and began walking back. On our way back, a slightly older, mentor type friend of ours was smiling and talking to us as we walked by.

I stopped.

I really hate spiders


“Why did it have to be spiders?”, I joked with my wife and my friend. I saw the webs were much bigger and scarier on walking back, and some of the spiders that made them were clearly visible and a bit terrifying. So we tried to walk around them and weave in and out of the webs they had created.

Then an mom-type friend of ours walked past us from behind and I could tell she was about to walk right through a bit web, “No, no, no, wait!” but she kept walking. She was fine, and just shrugged it off, “I guess it’s a good thing I can’t see them.”

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