A WILD Return (Learning to Fly)

As an adolescent/teen, lucidity was interrupted by hormones. No longer were the fears and nightmares triggering my awareness that I was dreaming, and as soon as I realized I was dreaming… well, I typically attempted to create a dream girl.

Soon real girls and real nightmares came along, and lucidity wasn’t something I strove for.

While busily working at lucidity since January of this year, I’ve had tons of success and fascinating dreams, experiments and dream inductions. Soon I realized I wasn’t wasting ANY time with things like “dream sex” or including darker memories or unpleasant people from my past into ANY of these dreams. I was amazed and pleased.

And no sooner had I realized this, then these dreams started up. Ex’s and sexual distractions, along with failed dream experiments (or anti-climatic successes) started ruining my lucidity. Two months, three months… would I be able to have a Wake Initiated Lucid Dream? Would it takes weeks of getting back into “the zone”?


Strange Parties & Failed Flights

On a 5 day vacation, I decided to replace the $4 raft that I use as a bed during WILD attempts and get back into the swing of things. Ear plugs, sleep mask, snuggie, comforter, raft, and a rain/thunder sound effects app for my iPhone, and I was good to go. Got up on 5 hours of sleep, ate a little chocolate, and hit the “sleep chamber”.

In and out of sleep, I remember “waking up” and “seeing” out of the corner of my left eye the dark closet. Later I lay bored, wondering when I’d get to sleep paralysis and be able to initiate dreaming, thinking back to supposedly just having woken up. Then it dawned on me, I couldn’t SEE because A: I don’t open my eyes during these WILD attempts, and B: Even if I did, I’m wearing a sleep mask.

I imagined lifting out of the closet towards the doorway, and I started the light and vibration show, but wasn’t waking into a solid dream. So I formed a room, in which a patio table with chairs started to appear in front of me. As I walked around them, I looked about and saw that I was in a very large indoor/outdoor patio, which was otherwise empty.

making my way across the tiled floor, I saw a door on the other side of the enormous room, I walked up to it and entered. Inside were a variety of people of different ages, ethnicities, etc. There were some beautiful women in there as well, and my “gut” reaction was to begin dream sex, but I stopped myself.

I remember thinking, “You’re not doing this in secret, you’re going to blog about this later, get a grip! You’re not wasting your first WILD on that shenanigans!”

I looked around and grew bored, and wanted to explore more, so I left. I know I did more things before I remembered I wanted to fly again (it’s been a long time), but I forgot what happened.

I was walking down halls, and looked for an office that might have a window I could jump out of. I found and entered one, and walked across to it’s balcony. I spotted a 50th Anniversary Playboy hardcover sitting on the desk of the office, and I thought, “What’s WRONG with me?!,” and looked over the balcony. The drop was only a story high, and I found myself disappointed. I climbed over the railing anyway, and (chicken), I lowered myself for the drop.

I easily dropped to the ground level and realized that wasn’t gonna work. Walking around the lobby area of the building I was in, I started to reflect on everything I had already done in my hazy dream so far, and discovered I couldn’t remember everything. This worried me, as I may have been within the dream too long and wouldn’t remember anything before waking up.

So I slowly brought myself out of sleep. I stretched, and got the WORST CHARLIE HORSE IN YEARS in my right calf!!! After a few minutes of complete agony, I recorded what I remembered of my dream and hobbled back to bed.

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