Trench Coat Ninjas in Black (Another WILD)

So I went two for two, and succeeded.

It took forever, and it was a short dream, but pretty interesting.

Did a WBTB and performed a WILD. After dipping in and out of sleep, I started imagining my bed ebbing and flowing as if in water, and soon enough the dream sensations began. I wasn’t capable of lifting towards the doorframe, so I just imagined myself taking exaggerated steps. Once again, the dream wasn’t quite fully formed before I was stepping through it.

My vision flickered in and out in pieces, and it reminded me of ROBOCOP first coming online. ::bzzt!:, ::shhhh::, ::brrnt!:: And I was already walking down my hallway towards my living room. By the time I opened the front door, the dream was fully formed. I stepped outside and it was raining (probably due to the sound effects app I use to keep me semi-close to the “surface” of consciousness, but possibly because I just re-watched INCEPTION the other day).

I stepped outside, and to my immediate left were two, black umbrellas standing by themselves up, as if to offer themselves to me. I considered the possibility of struggling with these, and figured instead it’d be nice to get rained on. Walking towards the pool area of my apartment complex (I can’t wait to move somewhere else so my dreams get discombobulated, lol), I walked past a person completely covered from head to toe in black, holding a black umbrella of his own.

He stood perfectly still

It startled me, and not having a face, but a completely black void, I instinctively treated it like a nightmare threat. Meaning, I laughed at it. Pointing at him, with a chuckle, I kept walking. Then I saw another one, standing several yards from the pool. Then another one. Soon they surrounded me, so I grabbed one of their umbrellas, and smacked another one with it. I then opened and closed the umbrella in another one’s face.

They all started crowding around me, so I leapt into the pool, and smacked and waved them away. I don’t remember feeling like they were going to succeed in whatever it was they were attempting to do, but I did soon wake up.

It wasn’t a very vivid dream, and it certainly wasn’t as intense as it sounds. I woke up, and shrugged it off. Considered dreaming some more, but felt one successful WILD was enough for the night, and returned to bed.

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