Sheer Determination WILD (fail)

Forcing a WILD last night was interesting. I just kept laying there, in my “sleep chamber”, waiting for sleep to take me, bring me back in sleep paralysis, so I could then enter a dream.

Instead, I waited, barely falling asleep. I laid there awake, but tired. At one point I thought, “Just fall asleep, maybe the sound effects will ease you back up.”, but I kept thinking and wasn’t able to sleep. So I let the hypnagogic lights of near sleep start washing over me eyes and let my thinking get more and more random and dream-like.

Soon, I was “seeing” in my mind’s eye through the none-existent crack in my mask (while my eyes were still open) the closet and room attached. I started imagining myself walking across the room, and soon enough I was dreaming of walking towards the door. I opened the door, took a few more steps, and could hear myself snoring. Loudly. My breathing became a bit difficult, knowing that I was needing to inhale deeper in the waking world. This slowly brought me back, and upon awakening I took a deep breath and considered falling back to sleep. Unfortunately, this breathing issue has been a problem in the last attempts at WILDing, so I knew what the outcome would be, so I simply got up.

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