2 WILDS in the Last Month

Not the most exciting posts, however, as they seem to be getting progressively shorter and shorter. I think I’ll need to change up my sleep habits and the sounds I use to stay anchored while doing the “Wake, Back to Bed” technique.

The first attempt had me waking to my office room darkened. I have had the desire to learn to do impersonations lately (don’t ask), so I attempted to recreate my first personage to impersonate. Nicolas Cage.

I turned towards my bathroom door, which was shut, and willed the light to come on, imagining that if I opened the door, I’d see Nic Cage in my bathroom. The light came on, I opened the door, but no one was inside. So I did a quick impersonation in front of the mirror, which was creepy, so I walked out. Passing my bedroom, I was surprised to see the bed WASN’T made and the room wasn’t tidy (typically in these lucid dreams, my mind needs an easier canvas to work with, and everything’s in order).

Furniture was stacked up in front of the door to my room, but I could still see the bed. As I turned towards the living room, I looked back and saw the messy bed changed a bit. Each time I looked away and back, the room changed, unable to maintain it’s exact same messiness. This amused me.

Walking into the living room, I saw outside a window and noticed it was raining (due to that rain sound effect I’ve overused). Looking outside, I saw we were on the second floor in my dream, and in the rain stood a half dozen cats. I meowed down at them, and then woke up.

The second WILD was far less eventful. I walked up a window, outside it was raining. On the misty window, someone had written something on the pane, but I couldn’t make it out. I stirred, and woke back up.

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2 Responses to 2 WILDS in the Last Month

  1. DIESEL says:

    I can relate to things constantly changing in WILDs. I am glad you find it amusing because I do to. I feel most people would find this strange enough to judge it too much to completely remove them from the experience.

    Nice post! 🙂

  2. oneironeer says:

    Thanks — honestly, my biggest challenge is NOT changing it up enough. due to sleeping habits, it’s not super frequent I can achieve a WILD, so I typically end up overly excited and shoot right past lucidity and wake up. At least lately.

    Thanks for the kind words!

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