Weekend Fruits of Dream Labors

Well, not the most exciting week — but if I’ve discovered one thing this year, when it comes to dreams, if you’re not recording them regularly, you won’t remember ANY of them. Make a note of them, to yourself, to others. Write them down, and maybe even set an alarm in the middle of the night, use the restroom, drink some dream-energizing apple juice, and mutter the basic gist of your dream into your phone or voice recorder. It’ll help immensely in recalling future dreams.


I tried for a week to achieve a WILD to no real success. I kept dreaming I was laying there waiting for the WILD to begin, not realizing I was already dreaming. I hate that.

So this weekend I woke up on 5 hours of sleep (typically, I don’t get the proper 5+ hours) and had plenty of uninterrupted time to dream/sleep afterwards (whereas, again, I typically only have 1-2 hours before I got to be getting up for work), and I took the last of my Galantamine, some mugwort, and Vitamin B, put on my headphones and sleep mask, and concentrated.

Soon I was laying there, waiting once again for signs of the Wake Initiated Lucidity to begin, when I could sense a light was turned on above me through my eyelids. I thought to myself, “Either someone’s turned on the closet light, or I’m dreaming, and either way, I might as well stand up.”

Standing up, I discovered I was now in my living room. Knowing full well this was a dream, I got overly excited, forgot any plans I might have had for my next lucid dream, and began to run outside. Before I could open the door, however, I saw the mirror I have next to it. Dream “reflections” are always interesting (they range from “slightly off” to “terrifying”), so I began amuses myself in front of the mirror. I attempted as straight a face as possible, but the reflecting face had a curled lip and one eye-lid half shut.

Laughing, I opened the door and realized as I walked outside that I was only in my underwear and a t-shirt, and it was raining outside. Cursing my sound effects app (as rain is the sound that seems to help me achieve WILD the easiest), I tore off my shirt and ran towards my apartment’s pool. “I’ll have a naked dip in the pool, in the rain! Yay!”

As I jumped in, I realized the pool was full of pine-needles, pine-cones, branches, moss, etc. Hitting the water, I instantly thought of the possibility of alligators, and decided I’d rather wake up than risk getting attacked. Later, I wondered why I didn’t just fly out… it’s been MANY months since I’ve flown.

I Look Back

I do not remember the dream it came from, or the circumstances in the dream, but I woke up this week with a song that (in my dream) sounded like it was being performed by mid-to-late 90’s era Radiohead, or Suede. I woke up to do a WBTB (Wake, Back to Bed), and decided I should record the basic melody and rhythm into my iPhone’s Garageband. This app REALLY helps for developing these half asleep, musical ideas for me lately.

Later on in the week, I’d hear the song in my head, and decided to develop it more. It’s a bit Beatles, Blur, Brit-Rock, and for the first time a dream song isn’t just amusing to me, it suits the style of my own music. So THIS song will definitely be developed and fleshed out. The only lyrics in the dream version I can recall are the chorus’ “I look back, I look back, I look back, I look. baaaaaack.”

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