Up In the Air

Had a very laborious, but successful WILD this morning. Laborious, because I first attempted to use a more aggressive sound effect to “anchor” me (something just subtle enough to not completely wake you up, but stops you from falling into too deep a sleep), which backfired and kept me just above unconsciousness for an hour. It might’ve worked if I was super-tired, but instead it just kept me up.

One thing that’s interesting to note, the film INCEPTION has a somewhat realistic depiction of the passage of time in “the dreaming”. From 5:50am to 6:50am, I waited just above half asleep. It felt like 2 hours, EASY. I then switched back to my usual, soothing rain sound effect with occasional rumbles of thunder, and very slowly drifted into sleep.

False Aw-WILD-ing

I found myself laying on a facsimile of my office floor, wondering when I would start WILDING. I’d drift between the real closet and this imagined scenario. I imagined a computer CPU and monitor in front of me, and Jimmy Fallon was playing on the screen. I thought that was silly to imagine, and I saw something move out of the corner of my eye down the now open hallway door. I felt my body rumble, and I tried to imagine a rocking like while on a boat. It never happened, but the rumbling was beginning to move me left and right ever-so-slightly.

Finally, I felt the vibrating. I felt it was safe to stand up in the dream now, for surely it had solidified enough, and I walked out into my living room. I felt heavy and tired, and wasn’t completely convinced that this WAS a dream, until the “sleep” in my right eye wouldn’t rub out. I believed it to be my sleep mask in the waking world, so I excidely turned towards the door to leave.

In front of the door was a bicycle, so I hopped on it and shot out the door. I rode towards the parking lot of my apartment complex (for a change, as I’m always going towards the pool to the right) and started to ponder why I should ride a bike when I could fly. Lifting off the ground, I kept pedalling, E.T.-style, and was amused.

I flew above the street below, which had modern and antique cars driving to and fro, and felt an air of superiority and lack of consequence, so I tossed the bicycle at a car and began truly flying. The scenary felt/looked autumn-like, and the milieu looked as if Zhang Yimou was directing a Norman Rockwell painting, as I flew through the trees.

Alas, sooner or later, lust had to rear it’s ugly head as I flew to a 2nd story window, Peter Pan meets Salem’s Lot-style, to rap on a girl’s window. She was watching TV, and she turned, unstartled, as if she expected me. She tried letting me in, but the window wouldn’t budge, so I tore it out of the wall, and stepped in.

One thing led to another, and conscience AND conscious made me lucid to this not being my wife, so I thought I’d try to change her into her, and it jumped from girl to girl, and soon the dream unravelled and I woke up.

It was now only 40 minutes after I changed the sound effect on my app, so I rested until my alarm went off at 7:50am.

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