Two Nights of Failed WILDs, but One Lucid

Thursday night, I attempted a Wake Initiated Lucid Dream, and fell asleep and dreamt a woman with the transfered mind of a dog held a baby in her arms, and was looking into the closet I was “wanting” to WILD in. “Yup, that’s where I wanna go to sleep so I can lucid dream.”

This didn’t strike me as odd…?

Then last night, I used the more aggressive sounds to anchor me, and they merely kept me awake, so after switching over to a softer sound, I fell straight asleep again. I must also point out, I drank a HUGE alcoholic drink last night (with a small bottle of beer inside it!), so I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Eventually I dreamed my wife was taking me to my estranged father’s tomb. To my knowledge, in the waking/real world, he’s not dead. Looking around in his tomb, there was a small area filled with primortal keepsakes, things I didn’t recognize, but instantly knew. Toys, board games, vinyl records, etc., and upon picking up one stuffed animal, the dream fritzed out.

The animal changed appearance super-fast and back to it’s original look, as if my close inspection of it couldn’t hold up within the dream world. Something clicked and I began talking to it, knowing this was a dream.

It spoke back, and I was given the sense I need to write my father.

Tons of other dreams, including one that blended Patrick Stewart in with the cast of Cheers and C.H.i.P.s, a cruise to distract from a prison break-out, and a dream song I wasn’t able to record due to a hangover, that sounded like 70’s Action Film meets The Jackson 5.

I may attempt another WILD tonght, or perhaps I’ll begin toying with a new lucidity app, called DreamZ, I just bought.

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