DreamZ and BlogPress App

First, a quick note on the BlogPress app for those using OS5 on their iPhones. It crashes a LOT and you will lose long posts, FYI. At least as of this post.

Okay, I used the DreamZ App for the iPhone last night. It’s interesting, and I will continue to use it this week to see if it’s useful. The idea is, you place your phone, face down, under your sheets/covers, and it measures your movement and thus judges how deep a sleep you are in. I’m pretty sure it’s only your EYES that move during Rapid Eye Movement (R.E.M., the stage you’re most likely, but not exclusively, to have a lucid dream), but the charts this thing produced SEEMED reasonable.

I did not realize while using the app that every 30 minutes, a “Dream Cue” (ie. a sound) would be going off. The idea is, if the volume and sound chosen or created (you can make your own) is a successful cue, it will not wake you up, but you may hear it within your dream and acknowledge that you are dreaming. I did have a dream I was explaining to someone that a device was created to insert ideas/goals into one’s subconscious while they slept, and around this time was the first cue, seen above. I stirred, but didn’t fully wake up.

Then a half hour later, I woke up just enough to wonder what woke me. The third time, I woke realizing that the app was playing a “Countdown” and waking me. The fourth time it sounded exponentially louder, so I hit the “Wake Up” button, and used the restroom.

Upon returning to bed, I turned the volume way down, only wanting to see my sleeping habits.

I then fell into a brief, deep sleep, and rose just enough in consciousness to almost reach R.E.M. (according to the DreamZ app). At this point I dreamt I was at work. I was painting, for some reason, and my religiously and politically conservative boss was having  having a week long courtship around the business with a sleazy foul mouthed guy. I walked outside at one point to get some materials, and could hear them in a pool, and he was cursing like a sailor. I didn’t want my boss to see that I was within earshot of this hypocritical tryst, so I got back to work painting.

I never did hear the “dream cue” again, but eventually I woke on my own and had to use the restroom again. Not wanting to screw up the DreamZ app’s progress chart, I hit “Wake Up” again, and took it with me. The app has a place you can type out any dreams you had so far, and it also has a record audio option, which is cool. Unfortunately, half asleep, I must not have done it right, because what I wrote out wasn’t saved.

I decided to quickly record a proper, customized audio cue, so I did and returned to bed. Again, the audio wasn’t loud enough, so I never did hear the cue, but apparently my sleep was VERY erratic for the rest of the morning…

So I tossed and turned the remainder of the morning, and never did become lucid. I did have a dream that I was watching some horribly violent (though specifics escape me now) movie involving homeless people. At one point a homeless lady threatened this guy, and her threat struck me as incredibly terrifying and witty. At 9:30a.m., when I woke up, I half asleep attempted to type out what she had said, and now that I re-remember it, it was completely senseless!

All and all, I’m very interested to see if the DreamZ app helps any. I’ll definitely post my results.

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