A Week of DreamZ, in One Night

So I used the DreamZ app all week. You are to place your iPhone (still plugged into the wall) face down under your bed sheets. It never cued up any dreams with the sounds it provided, or the ones I created. What it DID show me, is I don’t get a good amount of sleep. Averaging 6 to 6 & 1/2 hours of sleep a night, I don’t think I’m giving my body/brain the best environment for dreaming, but unfortunately due to my wife’s having constantly changing work schedules and my own being very set, I’m frequently getting the short end of the stick when it comes to when I get to sleep (unless I’m fortunate enough for her to have to go to bed as early as myself).

Another thing knowingly sleeping with a device in your bed that may or may not at any given point wake you up and talk to you, is waking up frequently throughout the night. Not remembering any dreams, just never quite getting a good night’s sleep.

I got to go to bed at a respectable hour last night, and got up after 5 hours to attempt to WILD. After taking some chocolate and Vitamin B, I went into my closet and concentrated on lucidity. I felt myself drifting towards the line of unconsciousness, but wasn’t too keen on the lights and vibrations, I think I chickened out. But I was DETERMINED to become lucid. The INSTANT my thoughts became dreams, I knew I was dreaming.

I walked straight outside my apartment and remembered the first thing I wanted to do. TURN LEFT! My brain is so programed to turn towards my apartment’s pool and pond (towards my RIGHT), that I rarely have a say in it. But some of my best lucid dreams had me leaving via the LEFT, where there’s wide open spaces and I have to concentrate more on forming the dreamscape. This is rarely 100% possible, so it becomes less based on reality, and more the stuff of dreams.

Walking down the longer than usual hallway, there was a book outside someone else’s apartment door. Normally this would be a phone book, but as I picked it up and read the cover (and I *could* READ the word, by the way, despite being in a dream and that being a function of the left brain), it said “Algebra”. I laughed and tossed it back, and noticed reality and light becoming more vivid. I got the sensation I was going to get to be in this dream for a while (for a change), so I excitedly walked into the parking lot and concentrated on “sending a message” to a friend of mine hundreds of miles away who also participates in this kind of dream experiments. No dice, so ::raspberries:: to you supernatural lot.

Alligators, Lizards, In the Air… in the Air…

I tried flying, but kept going up arse first. My legs would raise up into the air, while my torso stayed suspended in mid air. I tried leveling out, but just continued to just do flips in the air, and decided before I woke myself with such useless aerial feets, I’d move on. That’s when I remembered that the closest thing to a “NIGHTMARE” that I’ve been having lately involves alligators/crocodiles. Living in Florida, it’s a semi-realistic fear, though a bit exaggerated. At least I’m not dreaming of getting trampled by moose. It’s more likely due to some nature shows and reading SWAMP THING that I’m thinking of this terrible lizards. So I decided my for my next trick, I would overcome this fear by facing one.

In the ditch across the street, I imagined some alligators. Perspective was strange, however, as it appeared as though there were a dozen regular sized alligators, and one GIGANTIC, monstrous alligator, the size of a house.

I shrugged and approached it as it turned it’s attention towards me. I baited it towards me and as it snapped to gobble me up whole, I leaped upwards above it’s jaws, and pounded my fist into one of it’s nostrils, grabbed ahold of it, and spun it off the ground and into the air. The thing flew off into the horizon, and suddenly I interrupted my own dream with imaginings.

News reports of concerned citizens, “The terrible alligator was killed today by a superhuman who tossed it with little regard for the neighboring town. Thousands of dollars in property damage, though fortunately nobody was harmed. Is this man a hero or a menace?” I also imagined that, when I wrote about this dream in my blog, I’d change the “blow hole” I actually grabbed the alligator by, into nostrils, since alligators do not HAVE blow holes.

At this point, things get fuzzy. I seem to recall having many more lucid dreams after this. I do not know if I woke up for real, or if I had many false awakenings. I remember laying in my closet thinking, “I better record all those dreams, there were a lot, you’re not gonna have many more.” and I fell asleep thinking about blogging and recording my dreams, so the line between reality and the dreams gets blurred.

Separate Dream Goes Lucid

I dreamed I was at a religious convention with my wife, and we were having a a break time meal outside with some friends. They have a table on wheels, a drivable dining-room table, and we were outside and for some reason it was already dark outside. Everyone left me, as I am a slow eater, and I suddenly decided, forget this. I saw a woman walking down the street, and I thought it’d be funny to scare her by driving past in a table. So I began riding all over this suburban town at night… in a table/car.

The absurdity hit me, as I drove through yards and INTO people’s houses, and I remembered, “Oh yeah, this is still this really long lucid dream!” Unfortunately I was seeing things now from the perspective of a third person watching television rather than experiencing it. I knew I was dreaming still, but wasn’t sure how to gain control, so I imagined it WAS a television and I was just REALLY close to the screen. I slowly pulled away from the “tv set”, and the image separated from my peripheral vision, and became a screen that the images I was previously experiencing were limited to that.

However, the pull away from the image was so strong, I felt like I was falling out of bed (which, by the way, I wasn’t in at this point), and I “woke up” and started falling out of bed. A false awakening, I slowly sat back up in bed, disappointed I woke up. Then I thought, “Wait, what if I didn’t wake up,” and I stood up! I looked at my hands and sure enough, they were all strange and unformed. I passed a mirror, and it wasn’t following my reactions well. I was taken back by how good I look (I am apparently a narcissus, sorry), so I looked back and laughed.

I was in a small apartment that was FILLED with bachelor stuff, memorabilia, and comic book related stuff. I walked around excited to see so much cool stuff, but knowing it was all “fake” and temporary, so I walked on trying to remember, “Okay, you turned left when you walked outside instead of right, you flew, you fought an alligator, wasn’t there something else you wanted to do? What was it?”

I saw books by comic writer/artist extraordinaire Will Eisner that do not really exist, and I thought, “Maybe I should learn how to draw. I’ll concentrate every night on drawing and practice in the daytime, and become AMAZING!” No, that wasn’t it… what was it?

Eventually I woke up for real, and knew I had already forgot a bunch of this 2 hour, JAMMED PACK, batch of lucid dreams, so I’d better get up and write some down.

Oh, what I forget, my sub-sub-conscious was trying to tell me, because a song was playing in the background during this last dream. I wanted to turn on a radio and listen for a “new” song I could bring back from the dreaming. I vaguely remembered it when I woke up, but it wasn’t as catchy/interesting as my last, so I forgot it.

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