Epic Dream Fail

I attempted a WILD Thursday night, Friday night, and Saturday night, and all I got was a lousy 4 second dream!

Thursday I woke, took some vitamin B and had some chocolate, and laid down to concentrated on initiating a lucid dream. After an hour of pure discomfort (for no explicable reason), I returned to bed. Friday night, I took 9mg of melatonin, and when I woke to begin the process, I was dead tired. I continously stretched and adjusted, half-asleep, rather than maintaining stillness which is required. After awhile of this, I returned back to bed.

Finally, Saturday night, I tried my best to concentrate not only on dreaming, lucidity or the WILD itself, but my new dream goal (simply listen to the radio) and where I wanted to begin the dream. I felt the vibrations, and shifted into the dream and instantly I was in my office instead of where I wanted to be. That was okay, because I did remember the radio goal, though I wanted to guarantee I could leave my apartment before creating a radio. I mused on the fact that I was able to remember my last dream of the night in this mental state (though I no longer can remember it). The door to my hallway was blocked by a desk, but the bathroom door was unblocked, so I opened it only to discover something akin to Venice Beach, California. There was an old Western overhang above me and boardwalk down the length of the former apartment building, and sunny sidewalks, roller-skaters and beach bums walking in the immediate distance.

Directly in front of me, as if surprised by my sudden presence, was a dreadlocked, nappy haired white guy, with worn clothes and a goatee. He looked a bit like a cliche centaur, without the horse body, and I chuckled, “Heeey Satan, how’s it going?”

I began walking still under the shade of the overhang, along the length of the building. I still had the notion that I should create my radio IN FRONT of my apartment (which no longer existed), and I gave a quick glance back at my beach bum friend who wasn’t following.

And then I woke up! Pissed, I might add.

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