How the Unconscious Unravels

I’m coming up on a year of “oneironeering”. Interestingly, “Oneironaut” and some other terms came up over a year ago when I was Googling and searching for names, but when I came up with Oneironeer and searched it, it simple did not exist.

Now there’s many pages of results and not all of it is me or my blog. I find that fascinating and part of what I had intended when creating this blog. To bring things from my dreams or imagination into the physical, tangible world.

It really is like having a strange kind of unspoken relationship with the dreaming when we sleep and experience dreams every night, but upon awakening, forget them. Like embarrassing one night stands. I wanted to legitimize my relationship with y dreams a bit more, and found that it takes work and time, and who has any extra of that?

We’re essentially TRAINED to ignore our dreams and conditioned to religate them, at best, to fanciful and amusing things out of our control that we might tell in passing and do not heed or pay any more mind. So once I achieved an average of weekly lucidity and then accomplished Wake Initiated Lucid Dreaming, I got complacent. I’d rather that extra 5-10 minutes of sleep then to remember that random dream. I’d rather wake up and begrudgingly face the day then to ponder what happened in the strange other place.

So I stopped recording my non-lucid dreams, sVe for the ones that refused to be ignored, and then I stopped doing reality checks throughout the day, which train the mind to question whether you’re dreaming at night, and I rarely attempted WILDs.

But the more attention I pay my dreams, the more they usually give back. Experiences I could NEVER have, songs I’d never hear, sights I could never hope to witness. I will never fail to be impressed by how what, upon awakening, feels like only a tiny snippet of dream memory, unravelling into epic dream stories that in an odd way interconnect and force me to face bizarre encounters, and strange mixtures of friends and family, both existing and those long gone.

More on that later…

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