Running Down a Dream

With the rolling in of a new year, I was promptly “let go” from my place of employment after 5 years of dealing with a lot of craziness. No doubt I can click “Work” on the Categories bar and remind myself of various sub-conscious freak outs related directly to my job.

This occurred just 3 days before the 1-year anniversary of this blog, so I wasn’t able to post my first of the year dreams or my “anniversary dream”, whatever it might have been. However, it very well may have been the following lucid dream I had after getting canned.

Tornados of the Soulless 

I dreamed that I was at work, and I knew that I was being let go at the end of the day, so I felt like everyone was wary of what I would do before the day finished. We were rearranging the interior of the building, so that all the equipment and desks were now in the middle, surrounded by a half dozen cubicle walls. I slowly began to realize that this was a reflection of reality, I had been laid off, but this wasn’t right. The business would be shutting down within a few weeks or so, but it also felt like we were bracing for something far worse.

Unable to accept this reality, I looked outside wondering why it looked so overcast and cloudy. In the sky was a gigantic tornado, and to another corner of the horizon a cyclone was slowly forming. I instantly knew this was a dream, and though it was awe-inspiring to see these terrifying twisters, I was also amused by it. I ran towards the back of the building and looked out another window. There, a few miles away, was the biggest, most mind-bending tornado I had ever seen or imagine, as it took up much of the sky.

Again, I was horrified, but also thought it was hilarious. Sadly, I didn’t get to see the destruction before waking up.


So I am presently out of work, filed for unemployment, and wondering what I’ll do next. This blog initially started out as part of another venture I let slip by the wayside, as I got very entrenched in things such as “Wake, Back to Bed”, “Wake Initiated Lucid Dreams”, isochronic tones, binaural beats, and so on. Unfortunately, many of my WILDs were a minimal amount of dreaming for a maximum amount of effort, so when I slacked on these, I stopped on dream recording and thus lost almost all of my weekly lucid dreams!

Now I’m in the strange position where I could possibly make “dreaming” my living (creative endeavors of various sorts), but I don’t know where to begin. I’m doing videography, I was just offered a job writing a song for a groom to sing to his bride at their wedding, I’ve got two music album projects in the works… but it’s not quite enough to replace my lost full-time job.

So this morning, I got up when my wife was getting ready to leave for her job, saw her off, did a reality check (and you better believe I questioned whether I was having a nightmare last week when I was told I’d be losing my job with no warning, lay-off period or compensation), and returned to bed for a little bit, hoping it would spur a lucid dream on.

Sure enough, it did…

Silent Lucidity

I remember my wife was in a wedding dress, putting on her makeup in a room with a large mirror and vanity and very little else. As I was dressing, a loop from the Queensryche song, “Silent Lucidity”, was playing over and over from an iPod. I was annoyed that I couldn’t hear the rest of the song, but paid it little mind. After I was ready, I left the house and drove off in my car.

As I drove down the road with several other vehicles on it, I saw a large black guy that resembled rapper Biz Markie clinging to the hood of a moving vehicle, head forward. As I passed the car, I stared in amazement at the shenanigans. Eventually I pulled into a turning lane. I was calling my wife to tell her about the craziness I had just witnessed, when the “car”, no longer visible, passed me on my right making it appear as though Biz Markie was flying through the air.

I looked at my hands to do a reality check, and sure enough…

I “turned around” and was instantly back in the room with my wife. I was “lucid”, but not quite all there, because I was just happy I could FORCE the song, Silent Lucidity, to play out. I sang it to my wife, knowing I was dreaming, trying to get her to understand that this was just a dream. But she looked scared and sad.

“Hush now don’t you cry, wipe away the teardrops from your eyes.”

As I sang, it was incredibly quiet in the room. The ambience of the room deadened the sound, so my voice was crystal clear and her dress crinkled as she sat down looking bewildered. The AUDIO was so realistic, for a split second I questioned whether this was real or not. I looked deep into my wife’s eyes, and my mind couldn’t fill in all the details of her face, just like it cannot successfully create hands. My wife’s blue/green eyes were a dull brown, and her brunette hair suggested other faces, specifically Anna Friel, from the TV show Pushing Daisies at one point, in my brain’s inability to fully create the details.

So I left the room to explore. I walked passed rooms in the strange house that wasn’t mine, until I reached the front door. Stepping out, I felt a strange feeling in the back of my mind. I felt a push to create Freddy Krueger.

I wanted to have a chat with him. I looked around, but didn’t see him. I tip-toed to the corners of the house, hoping to peak around and see him appear, but nothing. I even imitated poses of his as I hopped from behind laundry being hung out to dry. Still nothing.

Suddenly, I was seeing John Cusack in the front yard, as if he was me and I was now merely watching my dream. Now with the part of myself being played by John Cusack, a short young mother whom I had seen very briefly over the weekend, appeared in a dressy black coat, skirt, leggings and shoes. She explained to John (me) that this lucid dream was being given as part of a special arrangement. She continued to explain that they would continue if John (I) agreed to share a percentage of the profits.

“Wha… PROFIT from what? How do I make money off of my dreams??”, he replied.

And I woke up wondering the same thing.

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