Off and On, Like Bus Transfers

I find that since I’ve got a lot of guilt and worries running through my head due to having just been laid off of work after 5 years with the company, and being unemployed while my wife is going off to work every day, my brain is always teetering towards awake at night.

Sometimes this sucks, like when I go to bed at a reasonable hour and try and get up early for something, I simply A: Can’t sleep, or B: Continuously wake up. But when I stay up on my own, and ESPECIALLY when I get up to see my wife off to work in the morning and then go back to bed, the last couple hours of sleep are FILLED with lucidity.

I’m too tired to just stay awake, but too disturbed to fall deeply back to sleep, and so before returning to bed, I do a reality check and fall asleep.

A Little of the Ol’ In and Out

I laid back down after about 5 hours of sleep, and got comfortable. Soon I got upset, “You didn’t do a reality check, doofus,” so I attempted to raise my left hand to count my fingers, but the effort was monumental due to how tired I was. My eyes were blurry with sleep and the room was barely lit. My arm suddenly weighed a ton, and everything slowed down and blurred further…

“Whoa… I think, I’m falling into a drea….”

Except Filled with Dolls

I looked around and found myself in a nice, Federal style room FILLED with porcelain dolls. All little girls with their dead eyes looking at me. This didn’t bother me too much, since I was already aware I was in a dream. I can control any weirdness… hopefully. One doll appeared to have half of her hair sizzled to the head, and her lip on that side of her face was gnarled and the pupil of that side’s eye was discolored and strange.


I turned and between the “living room” (filled with dead eyes) and a dining room area stood a woman with the exact same facial disfigurement. This startled me because “Non Player Characters”, or “Extras” rarely seem to ever want to populate my lucid dreams. I laughed, more to overcome the tiny bit of fright she caused me, and she walked towards the front door behind me. Passing behind a column that separated the entryway and the living area, she disappeared.

I made an effort to look around for more people, but couldn’t find any. Eventually my dream shifted and I was on a back patio, adjacent to a pool. There were two daughters in roughly their mid-20s, and their mother of about 45 years old. They were expecting me, and I was only barely aware that I was still dreaming since things shifted so drastically.

I made a half-hearted attempt at hitting on the two girls, and they eventually left. Apparently that was exactly what the mother and I wanted, and we made about skinny-dipping in the pool. Once in, I knew too much excitement would wake me up, so I opened my eyes under water and there saw myself and my wife swimming towards each other. I felt it would be best I just watch them embrace than be a part of things.

“Just remember, you’re still dreaming… this is a dream…”

Bubbles floated up in front of my face, and I was back in bed.

“Darn… oh well.”

I heard a honk or a thud. I paid it little attention, since I have neighbors, and I attempted to fall back to sleep, but the honk occurred again. This time it sounded like it was coming from my living room.

“What on earth?”

I figured I should probably get up and double check the apartment, but I was SO TIRED. I slowly, with great effort, got up and picked a porcelain piggy bank up as a blunt weapon. I swung the door open and jumped out into a mansion’s hallway!

“Oh… I’m…. still.. dreaming…”

Walking into a large study/personal library, a spiral staircase went up to my left, following many books. To my right was a table and a “geek chic” couple, looking over cinema and memorabilia in books and boxes. I laughed again.

“Okay, and WHO are you guys?”

It struck me as incredibly amusing that my dreams kept tossing these random extras into these lucid dreams. I walked up and they busied themselves with what they were doing.

“Ahh… the subconscious,” I chuckled.

They were showing me the books and boxes filled with toys and memorabilia. The girl said she felt The Matrix best fit her, in terms of character. Unintentionally rude, I earnestly replied, “No, it’s definitely Nightmare Before Christmas.”

Looking at the short-bearded hipster, I saw an image of Corpse Bride, and ignored his minutia of cinematic information to inform him that HE was also a Tim Burton-esque film. Soon I began thinking, “Gee, geeks that know a ton of crap about movies, it wasn’t really a big stretch after all for the subconscious to whip these up.”

Eventually, I woke up for real.

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