Zombies and Little Children

I’d think unemployment would cause me to revitalize my Dream Recording, but I think deep down I feel it’s a little extravagant or “unnecessary” when considering I haven’t got a job to be diligent about writing down my dreams. But honestly, I think it could only help.


The Sleeping Dead

I dreamt I was in a combined sort of watching and partaking in a television show about zombies. I saw the name of the show at one point, and it wasn’t “The Walking Dead”. It was something closer to Moneyball or MonkeyBalls or Monkey Bone, which is rather odd in my opinion.

Someone in our party was going to head back to a house they knew to be safe, only for a cutaway to reveal that it was now filled with the undead, with one of them somewhat more cognizant than your average zombie. Meanwhile, the scene turned to the home of a dead air-conditioner repair man, played by Steve Carrel. He was undead, but semi-intelligent (though very crazy), and he hung nearly lifeless from a meathook in a kitchen. He told his story to a third person perspective/viewer, of how in life, he would molest  unattended children of the homes he was servicing air-conditioners in. Now, though he was undead and his legs and arms didn’t seem to work, he at least was allowed to hang in front of one of his lovely air-conditioners and enjoy the breeze.

He attempted to swing about and attack us, but I dropped to the floor below him and attempted to shoot him in the brain… through his crotch.

I’m not sure why I’d cast such a funny actor as such a horrible creature, but then again, I haven’t seen anything remotely “zombie-related” in several months, so I don’t think logic has much to do with it.

Drown the Brat

I would never. No, I dreamt a brief dream where a whiney child was venturing somewhere dangerous on a boat, and his parents weren’t stopping her, so we walked to the back of the boat, where a platform was lowered so one could just walk right off into the water. Sure enough, the kid wanted to get as close as possible to where she shouldn’t, so I gave her a little shove and let her fall face first into the water, but then grabbed her back and placed her sopping wet back onto the boat. She was at first shocked and upset, but then a bit amused. I tickled her as she turned to her parents to show the trouble she had gotten into, and she jumped and tripped and fell down.

This amused me too.

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