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Headphones and Head-Vice

This morning, I returned to sleep after being awake for a few hours, and I put on my sleep mask and earplugs, along with my headphones playing the thunderstorm sounds. Attempting to focus on dreaming, I seemed to drift but … Continue reading

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Celebrity Roast at the La Quinta

The other night, my friend was texting me before we both went to sleep, concerning dreams and lucidity in an attempt to spark such dreams that night. In my case, it worked. I attempted to wake up and focus on … Continue reading

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The Anima and Animus

And now, a word on the anima. Analytical psychologist, Carl Jung, describes the archetypes known as the anima (the personificaton of the feminine nature of a man’s unconscious) and the animus (the personification of the masculine nature of a woman’s), … Continue reading

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Chocolate Pudding, Giraffes, and More!

I dreamt that I was having trouble finding a seat for my wife and myself at a religious meeting, but afterwards, she had to go to work and so I went home alone. Preparing to eat, it dawned on me … Continue reading

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