Chocolate Pudding, Giraffes, and More!

I dreamt that I was having trouble finding a seat for my wife and myself at a religious meeting, but afterwards, she had to go to work and so I went home alone. Preparing to eat, it dawned on me that, hey I’m alone, “Who’s to know if I have pudding for dinner?”

So I opened a tub of chocolate pudding, and at first used my finger to scoop a little out, but then I figured, “Ah, to heck with it,” and I scooped out a handful!

Squatting on the kitchen floor (the tub was placed on the floor: No utensils, no table), eating pudding with my hands, I got this feeling there might be someone IN the house, on the other side of the kitchen bar. So I got a handful of pudding ready to blind them, and I stood up to look, and in through the open door to the garage and in a big window in the garage door (on the second floor, mind you), I saw a giraffe’s face looking back at me!

I screamed and it, in an animatronic appearance, contorted its face and screamed back. I laughed, and looked at my hands, which sure enough indicated I was dreaming. I laughed some more and walked out to the garage and opened it up. “What’s up, Geoffrey?”

I pet his chest, but my arrogant, unimpressed attitude affected the dream, and I “woke up”.

Soon, I was getting up in the middle of the night calling my buddy in dream experiments. First we discussed our younger friends and their discovering girls and getting themselves into trouble as a result. Then I told him about my giraffe dream, and as I mimicked my looking at my hands, I saw my hand’s five fingers, but they were closing up as if in pain.

“Um…. I think I may be dreaming right now, buddy!”

I concentrated and could see all five fingers, but they kept pinching together.

“Whaaaaat? Noooo!”, he replied. I forced my hand to open against my apartment door, but they still shrunk back despite the pressure.

“Yeah man, we’re DREAMING!”

I got too excited, hoping against hope he was somehow getting this conversation in his dreams, and I eventually went outside.

It was now daytime. Three black girls were outside, one mulatto and one a natural red-head with fair and freckled skin. They were upset at how far they just had to walk from the busstop to the apartment complex. My buddy was now with me, and we were all joking about moving the apartments closer for them. They eventually walked to their apartments and I turned to my friend…

“If we’re not dreaming, then how did you get here so fast from Miami? Huh, huh??” I started ribbing him, and he was embarassed, and we laaaaughed.

The End.

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