Celebrity Roast at the La Quinta

The other night, my friend was texting me before we both went to sleep, concerning dreams and lucidity in an attempt to spark such dreams that night. In my case, it worked.

I attempted to wake up and focus on a WBtB (wake, back to bed), having gone to the bathroom after a few hours of sleep, and upon returning to bed tried keeping my mind on lucid dreaming. My stomach was bothering me that night, and so later on, I woke up face down into my pillow from some grumbling in my belly. Not moving, I calmly drifted back to sleep, but now the bedroom was a hotel room. My bed was facing the window as it had in the waking world, and I slowly stood up into much darkness and slowly could see a second bed before the hallway towards the door of the room. I had to pick up and toss bed sheets and possibly a small table from the floor, and tossed it onto the second bed, half worrying that someone creepy might’ve been laying in it.

Then I walked out into the hallway, which was a little brighter. As I turned to the right and walked down the hall, the light and vividness of the dream got better. I was at the top of a stairway which led directly to the lobby of the hotel. There was the front desk, an elevator, people hustling and bustling, and it caught me off guard. Usually my lucid dreams are few and far between of people, especially if I became lucid BEFORE seeing any. I walked down into a large conference room adjacent to the lobby, where I heard some laughter and a man talking on a microphone.

My lucidity mostly left me as I heard my own name mentioned over the speakers. It seems I was friends with a comedian who was loved by both mainstream and smaller, alternative comedians, who had died. There was a large eulogy being held, and actor James Avery (Uncle Phil, from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air) seemed to be stalling for the next speaker, myself! I snuck a microphone off a table and sat down as James said some snarky things about me, “Who the heck is ______, anyway? Never heard of him.”

I spoke up, “Well, we can’t ALL be as BIG as you are, James.”

The audience was mixed with laughter and confusion, trying to find where I was. I stood up and slowly walked into the inner circle where James had been standing. When he saw I had finally arrived, he sat down.

“We haven’t all had such an illustrious career which includes such roles as Shredder from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon,” I had said, pulling a random factoid out of the depths about an even MORE random actor for my unconscious mind to have populated my dream with.

I remember knowing to some extent that I was still dreaming, because I had marveled at remembering such a random fact and wondered if when I woke up later on, it’d be true or something I just made up.

I then went on to talk about how me and this dead comedian had once caught a Don Rickles act together, “And where is Don, is he here? In fact, is he still alive?”

I said, “And let me tell you, ____ really loved Don. I mean, he faked being friends with half of ya’s, like this yuck,” pointing to James Avery, “But ____ REALLY loved Don Rickles.”

I went on to recount the evening, and soon the dream drifted into vapor. Upon awakening, I had to with great effort reach the voice recorder and record some keywords, “Hotel room, eulogy, Fresh Prince’s uncle…”

And that’s all I remember.

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