Headphones and Head-Vice

This morning, I returned to sleep after being awake for a few hours, and I put on my sleep mask and earplugs, along with my headphones playing the thunderstorm sounds.

Attempting to focus on dreaming, I seemed to drift but never really fall asleep. I became tired and irritated, wanting actually sleep, so I rolled onto my side and still wore the headphones. Now adding a bit of pressure to the sides of my head, the sound effects are even louder through my earplugs, but I fell asleep anyway. I was worried I’d miss a text or phone call from my wife (ironically, I did) so my mind was also on her. We were together, talked a little, and I gave her a kiss and looked away and suddenly she clamped down on the sides of my head.

“Owww,” I said, and started to vibrate my neck and head to make it not hurt as much before being able to lift my hands up, which seemed stuck to my sides. Then I was shaking my head slightly while laying with the headphones on. It amused me that it was in fact the headphones which were applying pressure, but I was now in the shower, tired and sleeping with the large headphones on. The rain app must’ve influenced the noises and feel of being in the shower.

I pulled off the headphones, which I was worried had been damaged by getting wet in the shower (I’ve had this dream before, and I hate that I don’t recognize it AS a dream), and I stepped out. Soon the rain sound effects dipped and returned, and I woke up. Looking at my phone, my wife had in fact texted.

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