Ultimate Nightmare for the Experienced Dreamer

To be fair, I do not truly think I am an “experienced dreamer”, in that I typically have little control even within my lucid dreams, of such things as surroundings and what goes on within those dreams. Sometimes, I can change the scenario, often what I choose to do within the dream context, but many times I get washed away with the dream almost as quickly as I recognize that I am dreaming.

This is partially because I haven’t been super disciplined and regular with my dream journals, recording my dreams at night, and keeping my brain sharp before bed time (Luminosity games used to work nicely).

So when someone recently brought into question the healthiness and “dangers” of lucid dreaming to me, I scoffed and pointed out all the advantages. Spiritually, there are a LOT of people (and I mean no disrespect) who truly think they’re leaving their bodies when they have these lucid dreams. Afterall, they fell asleep in that bed, “opened their eyes” and floated above their own “sleeping bodies”! ::c-cough:: Bullcrap ::sniffle::

Sorry. Think it if you want, but you were actually dreaming the scenario. I’ve had DOZENS of dreams that I am standing above the area I fell asleep, and then explored what these people would perhaps call “the astral plane”, but I call… your dream. I’ve actually never once turned and seen my body, but I know that if I REALLY wanted to make myself appear within my own dream, I probably could. I’ve dreamt of independently moving reflections, conversed with them to my own amusement, but I know it’s just a subconscious version of talking to yourself.

I am, by my very nature, a rational personality type. But reason also tells me there ARE things that exist of which you cannot see with the naked eye, and anyone doubting that is more “backwards” than any primitive, jungle dweller worshipping a tree deity. Thus, I know exactly where this terrifying dream came from, and while the content of the dream involved “demonic forces”, the place it came from wasn’t the spirit world… but my own, semi-guilty and scared brain.

Around the World in Two Dark Rooms

My dreams started out with my wife and I taking a trip to Washington, however it looked like the tundra, with it’s days of darkness. The winds were blowing hard, and we were wrapped up in snow gear. We were both on the backs of snow-mobiles, being driven to our destination. I pulled off my face mask to breathe “fresh air” for a second, but found the snow and air to be FILLED with salt. It quickly filled my mouth and lungs, and I had a hard time putting my mask back on. After coughing and struggling to breathe, we arrived at our hotel.

I instantly recognized that I had been here before, but with my first wife. I remembered thinking then that it must be Washington STATE, because of the cold (though even that in waking world retrospect is silly). The room was dark, and soon the dream shifted…

I was alone in a dark room, in a building a few stories up. I heard music playing in the back alley, so I stumbled through the darkness to a window. I was able to get out onto a fire-escape and saw that down the alleyway, on the next street over, a film crew was making a music video for Metallica. The lead guitarist was playing a solo, and I got out my cell phone to take a picture, but there was a roof below, attached to my building, where people were now standing in my line of sight. So I climbed down the fire escape onto the roof, and walked to the edge.

Two older guys were arguing over their favorite Metallica songs, all of which were the weakest, and then I suddenly “woke up”.

I knew I had been dreaming, and didn’t want to move so that I might just drift back into a dream, which I did. I was in another dark room where I was basically asked what I would like to dream (not normal for my lucid dreams, by the way). I couldn’t remember any dream goals (as I haven’t had any in a long time), so I went back to one of my goals from last year. A superhero smack down.

I was standing in front of a gas station and stood in front of a Superman knockoff. The previous dream’s music shifted and was playing soundtrack to our barely realized battle, as explosions and destruction overtook the dream before it really even began.

Here’s where it got freaky

I again “woke up”. This time, the room, bed size, placement on the bed and my wife laying beside me all felt right — whereas before it was obviously not my real bedroom. My face was half on my pillow, and I laid on my right side. Tired, I reached with my free, left hand for my cell phone to type a few keywords from my night’s dreams so that I wouldn’t forget them. I focused my eyes in the dark on the phone, and it was already opened on a strange app.

Soon I remember being pulled back into a dark room. There was a presence in that room, something horrible. My mind more than likely erased whatever happened next, because I cannot recall anything from within that dark room. I then returned to holding the phone in bed, and instead of a text app or dream journal app, there were faces within darkness on the phone, looking back at me and mocking me.

I felt a petrifying zap/vibration, and dropped the phone. My whole right side was paralyzed and my left side was numb, like when you fall asleep on your arm wrong, except my entire body. It felt more like a stroke than sleep paralysis, so I called out for my wife. “Halhp!”

She groggily asked, “What’s wrong?”, to which I mumbled, “I cin-t… moooov.”

She got up and sat on my side of the bed, and helped me sit up. “Ru-hb mah… fasth… ru-hb mah faaaccee.” I couldn’t feel anything and I was genuinely terrified.

And then I woke up FOR REAL. In the same position, sleeping on my right side with my left arm free. I had the song, which had morphed into a cooler kind of hard rock Eric Clapton sounding tune, from my previous dream stuck in my head. I wanted to get up and record it, but this other dream scared me. If I just stayed in bed, I could forget it and pretend it never happened. Instead, I got up and wrote it down and used the voice recorder.

Lucid Reprisal

I then went back to bed and dreamt that my wife and I woke up pretty late in the day. We got up and she went to the bathroom while I walked out into what was definitely NOT my apartment. Within one room was a small kitchen with sliding glass doors and a tiny living area to my right. I knew it was a dream instantly, and since I could see my reflection in the glass doors, I began inspecting it. I was in a full tuxedo which was tattered and slept in looking. My hair was raised up from some serious bed head.

I laughed and began impersonating Beetlejuice for some reason (guess I bore a resemblance) and I called out to my wife to hurry up and come out because I was excited that I was dreaming. I tried focusing on her coming out, but the concentration made the dream shift and for a second, a strange man walked out, but that too soon changed, and my wife stood in front of me briefly before my waking up.

The nightmare portion of this dream was brought on by the conversations I’ve recently had defending lucid dreaming, claiming there’s nothing to fear, blah blah blah. The fact is, in over a YEAR of these dream experiments, I have NEVER had a dream like this, and rarely even any seriously scary nightmares. I’ve had some reoccurring alligator/crocodile dreams, but even those I’ve confronted through lucidity and they seem to have tapered off. But, since someone’s trying to convince me otherwise, my subconscious decided to play devil’s advocate and scare the living bejebus out of me!

No repercussions since then, just another interesting experience.

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