A Lovely Drifting Lucid

I haven’t had the greatest lucid dreams lately (for months actually), but one thing that seems to have been occurring in my last several dreams is, I’ve been recognizing a few of my more annoying reoccurring dreams for what they are, thereby becoming lucid, which is nice. Last night’s dream, however, paid off rather nicely.

Last night I dreamt I was watching TV when suddenly I noticed I had a loose tooth in my bottom set of teeth. The rest felt too tight and compact, and when I wiggled the one free, more fell out. Usually, these dreams terrify me, but this time I was happy when they all started falling out, because I instantly knew it was likely a dream.

I did a reality check, whereby I count the fingers on both hands, and sure enough one hand was missing a few fingers and had others in the wrong spots.

I remember trying not to have any expectations when I rushed to the door and opened it. Upon opening, I was under a car port in front of a nice building that was surrounded by nicely landscaped and kept lawns. Small paved and dirt paths cut through small hills with bushes and soft grass. Trees were spread out just nicely enough to provide lots of shade, but not hem you in. I remembered to feel the textures of the ground and dirt to better ground myself. For a time the dream was very vivid and lush.

I may have flown for a brief moment, but I soon saw a small, calm river and decided I wanted to just lay in it. I walked into the waters, only slightly worried of one of my reoccurring nightmare creatures (alligators) and floated very contently on my back. The water bobbed over my ears and occasionally my eyes and mouth, as I drifted slowly down river. It threatened to be almost too relaxing, so I concentrated on the clouds in the sky, which had grown darker. It wasn’t a menacing darkness, but comforting, and so after I looked upon them for a while, I imagined myself coming up upon a waterfall.

I turned within the now dark waters, imagining a stronger current and a fall approaching. I wanted to fly right off into a new, perhaps larger scenario, but as I fell and started flying, everything grew dark and I was frozen in place with only strange, semi-glowing globulets floating around me in the darkness.

I was suspended for a time and soon the dark gave way to a room in which I was hovering just beyond the foot of a bed. I slowly fell to the bed, knowing someone else was in it. In the morning it might prove to be awkward, but at that time it would just be viewed as a misunderstanding, this girl having gotten into MY bed.

But soon a man walked in wearing a trenchcoat. He initially seemed pleasant, but he grew threatening. I had almost forgotten in the transition that I was dreaming still. Other dreams had managed to squeeze into this transition (further pollinating a new theory I’ve been pondering, that our brains actually dream in a non-linear fashion, in sort of multiple paths simultaneously and our conscious mind cannot comprehend thus instantly fold them into a single, more manageable dream), where a house filled with poor children had taken in several girls of various ages and appearances, the eldest being the prettiest (looking like a younger Kirsten Dunst) but also the least intelligent, as she had mistook a cat’s milk bowl for something she could use for her cereal, and she got into someone else’s bed… mine.

Back to the linear path of this dream.

After grappling with the attacker, I verified once again by a reality check that this was in fact still a dream. It was less conclusive at first, as I saw 5 fingers on my left hand and four fingers and my pinky hiding behind my right ring finger. I struggled to expose all 5 fingers and gave up, realizing my dreaming mind was failing to convince me that this was reality.

Nothing to much happened after this, however. My wife was now talking with what had transformed into a redheaded Anne Hathaway, who for some reason was calling herself Loki.

Hey, what can I say, I’m excited about these summer movies!

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