Catching Up and Getting Lost

After my “Experienced Dreamer’s” Nightmare, but before my previous two posts’ dreams, I dreamt I was driving down an industrial road with several warehouses off to the sides of it. This was turning into a variation on a reoccurring annoying dream/borderline nightmare I have, where I’m attempting to get from Point A to Point B and senseless turns and twists and distractions that prevent me from getting to my destination.

I turned into one of the open garages of a warehouse to my left, and suddenly my car was all but gone and I was just riding in the air. I steered the wheel up and down aisles of equipment and greasy gear in this building, now thoroughly lost and angry that I had turned off the road I was already lost on. Now I was lost in this place and looking for an exit, and the absurdity hit me.

This is a dream, and a stupid one!

After I acknowledged this, I was amused and drove around a bit and turned a corner KNOWING I was going to see the exit. Sure enough I did and I drove out again. Not too long after this, I woke up, but I was happy I was able to grasp this as a dream and since I’ve had two dreams since where I was cued by annoying repetitious/semi-nightmare scenario dreams that I am dreaming, so I’m pretty happy about that.

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