Flying Cat Monkeys

Okay, not QUITE that exciting…

In between my last post and the nightmare post before it’s dreams, I dreamt that I got up to use the restroom. I was disoriented in the bathroom, as my brain suddenly forgot which side the tub and toilet were on, as I’ve had bathrooms that were laid out exactly opposite to my current one. When my “eyes adjusted”, they grew heavy and the room was dark. I think my brain was trying to fool me, “Pay no attention to the technical difficulties, you’re just really tired!”

I attempted to open my eyes, but they were semi-sealed shut. When I forced them open, already knowing this had to be a dream, I checked my hands and verified I was dreaming. I looked into my bedroom, where my wife still lied asleep. In the corner of the room, a miniature gorilla stood on my nightstand. This was influenced by a YouTube clip I had JUST watched earlier that night, and the initial surprise of seeing this set my mind into nightmare mode for a minute.

The gorilla hopped down and ran at me. I struggled with it for a second and soon it turned into a cuddly cat. Again, thanks YouTube!

After this, I was excited to get out of the apartment, so I walked to the door and walked outside. Looking up, there was an opened space between a stairwell that led to the upstairs apartments, so I flew up through it and out into the circle of buildings that surround the complex’s pool. Ignoring the pool (because for some odd reason, I gravitate towards them in dreams and lose concentration), I flew around the trees and towards the roof of a nearby apartment. Two girls stood on the roof of one of these apartments, and again I ignored them. It’s like my brain lately has been angry at the quality of my lucid dreams and is FINALLY fighting back.

Unfortunately, it’d be another night or two before I was better rewarded with the “Lovely Drifting Lucid” dream.

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