Better Run Thru the Jungle

My old job was trying to get me to temporarily fill-in for the vacation of an ex-work mate (slight slap in the face), and I mostly ignored this request. The days he would’ve been on vacation were coming up, however, and I had the following dream…

I  dreamt my ex-inlaws and I were staying in my old work mate’s house while he was away. The neighborhood wasn’t the best part of town, and at one point outside a few cop cars were investigating a nearby house. I don’t remember much, but at one point, the color saturation of the dream got real intense. Blues and grays grew super dense as lines blurred, and it finally hit me; this is a dream.

So I checked my hands half heartedly, since I was already this was a dream, and I started walking for the door. I dragged my hands across the carpet in a failed attempt to solidify the dream, and suddenly I realized my vision was shaded and darkening. I imagined I was wearing sunglasses, and that all I’d have to do is remove them, and I’d be able to see better. Unfortunately, it only worked for a half a second, and the “sunglasses” were back. I ignored this, and walked out the door.

Everything outside was now different, as the skies were dark. I walked through an almost alien jungle-scape, with translucent lights and large spiderwebs. I was up to my chest in water, pushing aside branches and bushes. I tried feeling the terrain to better ground my dream, but I think I had taken muscle relaxers that night, so the fact that I could hold onto things that much was amazing. I occasionally dipped below the water where webs dropped below and looked like pearls underwater.

Soon, I forgot that I was dreaming. I had made it back to my destination, which apparently was school. There, my aunt was some kind of principle, and everyone had given me up for absent, but it had now appeared as though I was going to not only be able to make class, but that my report on the strange zoo I had just visited was going to give me an A.

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