Long Story Short, I’m Back

Not gonna go into it — but suffice it to say, I’ve been away for a while. Now I’m back…

While I was away, I’ve moved, don’t have a “sleep chamber”, had several lucids, but only one memorable WILD (Wake Initiated Lucid Dream). I also made a couple of videos and decided to start focusing on dream music/isochronic tones to help others achieve lucid dreams if possible.

The first video here is a project I began awhile back, but was only able to finish it recently. The goal is to watch this semi-regularly, and always remember to do your reality checks at the proper moments. It’s part relaxation video, part reality check inducer. It’s long, to be sure — but it’s as high definition and easy on the eyes.

Hopefully, after watching this enough, I may start dreaming of being in these woods and fields and be able to conjure up doors of my own.



The next video delves into what I’d like to begin incorporating into my own dream experiments, as well as enabling others to share in. The video itself flashes at the same rate as the music’s icochronic tones tremolo (or “beat”), which is a relaxing Alpha frequency of 10Hz. Turn out the lights, full screen the video, and get comfy. Even with your eyes shut, the lights and music will help you achieve a relaxed state akin to the brain’s activity just before sleep.



The last video has music that I have created and used in the past to help me relax. Part of my future efforts will include a deluxe CD of music with isochronic tones timed to help one relax, fall asleep, and slowly bring them back into a calm but mentally lucid state at the hour and a half mark that the average “first batch” of lucid dreams tend to occur in.

I’ve found that if I listen to this music, relax and mentally prepare myself for lucidity, I typically achieve it, if not within the hour and a half, then at one of the various other points in the night. So here’s hoping that project comes to fruition quicker than THIS post has!

Again, not going into it, I’m back!

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