Goodbyyyyyyye Nurse!

What a horrible dream to return on.

Here’s the secret, I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: If you want to remember more dreams, you need to record the little bits and pieces you can remember, which (along with recording the highlights of your day’s activities, and others things) is guaranteed to boost your dream memory and the odds of lucid dreams.

The challenge is when you get complacent (I mean, we’re not all going to invent the steam engine based on some dream we had, so why bother, you may start wondering) and stop journaling.

THEN the challenge of returning to it becomes, “That dream wasn’t good enough to even remember.” So, forgive the dullness of these last two nights dreams.

Two nights ago I dreamt a friend and I were at the premiere of a new David Lynch movie. Most people in the audience were dressed the part, in suits, ’50s dresses, pompadours, and so on. I felt slightly lame for only wearing regular clothes.

Last night I dreamt I was talking to my mother and sat down to use the toilet in the corner of the room (no walls separating the bathroom from the rest of the large room), and a female friend of mine, who is a caregiver in the waking world, walked in and began cleaning up and talking with us as well. I was embarrassed, despite thinking, “Well, she’s probably used to seeing stuff like this….”

I courtesy flushed as I hoped she’d leave the room so I could finish my business. It was a rather uncomfortable dream.

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