Swamps and Bayous

I basically live next to a river that feeds into the ocean. Up the river a ways, there is a swampy area, mangroves here and there. I found myself researching the history of the area, and the natives that lived here before, and one night I dreamt I was watching a sort of secondhand perspective of the area and it’s history.

An overhead flying perspective of the trees, swamp lands and river, slowly tipped me off. Why watch this when in fact, I’m dreaming and can be IN it? Just the flying sensation caused me to realize I was dreaming, so I continued to fly over the trees as the sun was at dusk and reflecting off the waters. However, soon after I became aware I was dreaming, I slowly started to float downwards, as if my consciousness was weighing me down. I allowed this to happen, and landed in the wooded area near the only slightly brackish river. I could see fallen tree limbs and rocks in the water, and although everything was rather picturesque and gorgeous, I remembered my subconscious fear of alligators, and decided it’d be best to walk back into the forest.

Soon there after, I woke up.

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