Macaws and Rickshaws

A quick variation on my “Road to Nowhere” dreams (where I am either lost and/or taking a LONG time trying to get somewhere not very far away), was last night’s dream in which I was going to provide a family a ride home. The wife and husband piled in with their child, and we were off. Soon though, the vehicle broke down and I opted to rickshaw them the rest of the way. It may have morphed into my pulling their bikes via a rope from my own, but I definitely remember thinking it was a little tricky riding and being responsible for them.

Soon, a macaw flew up and landed on my handlebar and began nibbling (not too painfully) at my knuckles. I said, “You can nibble and stay there all you like, as long as I get to take you home,” thinking I’d probably just sell him later. It was young and small.

Then the ludicrous nature of the entire scenario hit me. “I’m riding a rickshaw, while a macaw is biting my knuckles.” I then grabbed the bird’s feet and let it flap it’s wings and left us off the bike, knowing full well at this point that I was dreaming. I flew once or twice around the stunned and scared family below, while laughing.

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