More Automotives

Sadly, I cannot recall much from last night’s lucid dream, but it did seem to echo the night before’s themes a bit.

My wife and I were off-roading in mountainous terrain in the middle of the night. The only light came from the headlights, and I gave instructions and directions, while she drove. We avoided any real dangers, but eventually we were out of the vehicle. I can’t remember if we were walking or riding bicycles (as these “lost” dreams often end up, for some odd reason), but we eventually ended up in an abandoned corner in a small urban area.

I don’t remember if I did a reality check or not, but fortunately, for whatever reason, I realized “we” were dreaming. I say “we”, because that’s how my mind keeps wanting to describe it, but I don’t remember whether or not I was hopeful my wife was somehow REALLY independent of my dreamworld or not. 

Pathetically, the only thing I remember eventually doing with this new found lucidity was to start making out with my wife in the middle of the street. If I’m going to begin stirring up lucidity again, I’m going to need to have goals again, or I’ll lose interest!


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