Nearly Non-Existent Lucid Dream

I presently remember nothing from last night’s dreams, but in writing this I should hope to remember…

It came much later in the night, as I recall using the restroom as dawn approached, and I was disappointed I hadn’t had a vivid lucid dream yet as a result of returning to my dream journaling. I slept for the remaining couple hours, to be given a brief lucid dream. I remember becoming lucid, and almost instantly “waking up”. Uncertain now if I really awoke briefly or not — but soon I was dreaming something VERY mundane. It struck me as amusing to see if maybe I had in fact returned to dreaming and was surprised to discover as I did a reality check, that I was in fact dreaming once again. It wasn’t the most memorable dream to begin with, but I remember thinking at least I had accomplished SOMETHING.

Hopefully followup dreams will be more impressive or eventful.

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