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Lois and Clark – The Flying Sequence

Last night, I re-downloaded several of the old Dream Induction apps I used to use (Naturespace, Dream Journal and Brainwave Dream Inducer), and I decided what could it hurt to use the Dream Inducer after all this time, perhaps the … Continue reading

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Cross Country Squatters Road Trip Blues

I dreamt that my wife and I were traveling across the country. Every once in a blue moon, I have a dream where I’m driving around a mountain bend, and upon coming around the mountain, a large valley reveals itself … Continue reading

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A (Literally) Crappy Lucid Dream

I’ve been getting more and more in the habit of reality checking, both in the waking world and in my dreams, which is good because last night’s dream would’ve been most unpleasant… I dreamt I was in a house with … Continue reading

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Shout It Out Loud

A very short, but amusing lucid dream — no doubt brought on by the previous post’s dream. I dreamt I was getting up in the dark to go to the bathroom. But as I turned on the bathroom light and … Continue reading

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Possible WILD (After All These Months) and Two Mirror Images

I went to bed a bit late last night, and was really hoping to avoid a headache in the morning. My neck has been stiff lately, so I was cognizant of this concern while arranging my pillow and what not. … Continue reading

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