Possible WILD (After All These Months) and Two Mirror Images

I went to bed a bit late last night, and was really hoping to avoid a headache in the morning. My neck has been stiff lately, so I was cognizant of this concern while arranging my pillow and what not. I laid on my back, got comfortable, and it seemed like sleep was instantly upon me.

However, as half asleep thoughts go, I had began fantasizing some strange imaginative scenario where I was speaking with someone in a Victorian age room (possibly due to the recent comic book The Sandman Overture #1). But then I began to shake ever so slightly and see lights flash in my eyes. I knew exactly what was happening, due to past sleep experiments, so I didn’t fight the sleep paralysis and hypnogogic lights. It was actually calming and comforting, like the return of an old friend. I made sure I was “alert” enough that my mind didn’t actually fall right to sleep (assuming the entirety of this paragraph wasn’t 100% dreaming), and soon the lights disappeared and I was drifting in darkness.

I slowly began getting my footing and trying to imagine the scenery from my previous half awake thoughts. A dark room formed, with a crib and tables and a bed, but I decided to slowly walk to the door and open it. After opening it, light entered the dream so that I could see a hallway to another room, but something stirred behind me. I looked back into the room and my wife and nephew (who is now in his ’20s, but in the dream was roughly 5 years old again) were in the room sleeping in separate beds. My wife asked me what I was doing.

“I’m dreaming.” I replied, and continued to walk into the next room.

It was a small room with a tiny bed set into the wall like you might see in a boat’s quarters. On the wall was a mirror, and on the opposite wall from the bed was a couch with a decorated window. Outside it was dark. I looked into the mirror (the last time I had done that in a dream, it wasn’t scary or freakish at all), and was a little startled to see my face disfigured and feminized. I looked like a “Pinhead” from the movie Freaks, but with a combed down bowl hair cut.

I allowed myself to be more amused than scared, and my wife walked into the room behind me.

“What are you doing in here?” She asked.

“I’m dreaming!” I replied.

“No, you’re not.” She said.

I got excited. Was I possibly sleep walking? I had to know, “Am I actually walking around right now? ‘Cause if so, I’m sleep walking!” She nodded, looking concerned.

“Why don’t you come back to bed?” She asked.

I agreed to, but wanted to draw my reflection on a note pad in the room. In my dream logic, I thought I’d be actually drawing on the piece of paper and have something I could bring back with me from my dream. But as I attempted to draw myself, I started “waking up”.

Again I was laying in bed with my eyes shut. I knew not to move or stir. The lights and vibrating started up again, and I was soon in another darkened room. I fumbled for flooring and walked towards a “door” I imagined to be there. Opening it, I found myself in my old home from 20 years ago.

Here’s where dream logic and complaints about lucid dreaming being unnatural or morbid have a tiny basis or grounds for complaint. I got it into my head to kill my step father in the dream. I do not know why, other than the fact that I knew it was just a dream. This was factually NOT where I lived and this was definitely not WHEN I lived. So I merrily walked into the kitchen, grabbed a huge knife from a dream added device that held many kitchen items and utensils (which never existed in my old house), and walked around the kitchen bar into the living room.

On the far corner of the kitchen bar, facing the living room, was a television set that was advertising some old video game that looked like Minecraft. I tapped the screen with the knife, amused that my mind came up with this. The music in the commercial sounded like a darker version of The Police’ song, “The Bed’s Too Big Without You”. I walked towards my parents’ old bedroom door, and realized…

“If I kill my stepdad in this dream, I’m going to have to blog about it afterwards…,” this gave me pause. I shouldn’t really do this. Then I saw some big, red balloons, so I amused myself by popping them, and soon saw that the furniture in the room was all inflatable now! So I began cutting and popping everything in sight. I turned around and saw the room was redecorated in reds and blacks, almost like out of a Twin Peaks episode.

Then I turned to my parents door again, but stopped when I saw my reflection once again in the mirror by the door. It was a scary, creepy face. Angry. I calmed down, and just bumped my head lightly on the mirror, not letting it frighten me. Soon I woke up.

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