A (Literally) Crappy Lucid Dream

I’ve been getting more and more in the habit of reality checking, both in the waking world and in my dreams, which is good because last night’s dream would’ve been most unpleasant…

I dreamt I was in a house with boxes scattered about, as if moving in or out of the place was in progress. I walked from a bedroom to the bathroom and saw fecal debris in the toilet. This was gross enough, but I figured either the toilet had stopped up or someone was just rude and didn’t make sure everything went down.

Then I looked up and saw someone had left an “upper decker” in the top tank, which had it’s cover removed, and this was the reason for the dirty toilet water. I was furious because, yes, friends and I might joke about such things, but for one of them to have done this in MY home was over the line. I did NOT want to have to scoop this out. I turned to walk out of the room, and did a reality check, because there was just no way someone would do this.

I was relieved as one might be in a nightmare to discover they’re only dreaming. Had I woke up then and there, I’d have been content knowing I didn’t have to deal with the disgusting bathroom ordeal. I walked out into an empty living room (the window’s indicated it was nighttime), and saw yet another mirror (becoming cliche in my dreams now) where I saw my reflection as Ziggy Stardust era David Bowie (and why am I appearing as Glam Rockers from the ’70s lately?).

I love Bowie, so I just went with it and sort of created a mini music video for “John, I’m Only Dancing”. Inside the mirror I could see crowds behind and around him/me, but inside the room, there was no one. I almost thought I spotted a fan run from the mirror into a side doorway, but shrugged it off.

I stood there for a while trying to figure out… WHAT. TO. DO? This is where dream goals come in handy. Lucidity at it’s best is not the best to try and figure out what it is you’re wanting to accomplish within a dream. Since I’ve been blogging and recording my dreams again, as always, it’s upped the frequency of my lucid dreams. That being the case, I need a purpose. Rocking out in front of the mirror is just getting a little too strange for me.

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