Cross Country Squatters Road Trip Blues

I dreamt that my wife and I were traveling across the country. Every once in a blue moon, I have a dream where I’m driving around a mountain bend, and upon coming around the mountain, a large valley reveals itself below with a town (or in some cases, an amusement park). It’s based in part on having lived in Pennsylvania, as well as trips to the Rocky and Smoky Mountains.

Having only gotten a brief flash of the town we had driven down into, the dream jumped forward to my wife and I sleeping in a model home in the town. This, apparently was our practice. We were sneaking into unlocked model homes or abandoned houses in neighborhoods across the country, in order to get to our destination more affordably.

I, of course, was unable to sleep for fear of being caught. My wife slept soundly, Soon, I decided it was time to pack up and head back out onto the road, as the neighborhood seemed to be slowly waking up.

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