Lois and Clark – The Flying Sequence

Last night, I re-downloaded several of the old Dream Induction apps I used to use (Naturespace, Dream Journal and Brainwave Dream Inducer), and I decided what could it hurt to use the Dream Inducer after all this time, perhaps the freshness of not using it would jostle something subconsciously and I’d have a lucid dream.

But at some point not too long after almost falling asleep, my new phone fell out of bed, and I wasn’t having it (plus, the introductory Delta waves were kind of pulsing a bit too strong for me to feel entirely relaxed), so I turned it off, took out the earbuds, and put my phone on the nightstand.

I don’t know how soon into the night they started, but I did start having lots of dreams. At some point in them, I became aware that I was dreaming. I’m not sure what triggered my realization, but I remember skipping the reality check and thinking, “Well, if it’s not a dream I won’t be able to do this…” But I’m uncertain what I did next, though it was probably fly. I remember running about and interacting some, but nothing specific. However, about halfway through them, I do remember thinking, “Uh oh, this lucid’s been going on for quite a while, there’s no way I’ll be able to retain all of this…”

I recently asked my wife for a dream goal, because I’m tired of only accomplishing a couple of monotonous, repetitious things in dreams while lucid. She half-heartedly just said, “Freddy.” I’m no longer obsessed with Freddy, and I feel like I’ve “conquered” him as a childhood fear — but it couldn’t hurt to try and imagine him back as a challenge (that and “controlling” him). However, I completely forgot about this goal, and instead the following happened.

My wife was there, and I told her to get on my back. Physics are still hard for me to ignore in dreams, otherwise I’d have just grabbed her hand, Christopher Reeves style, and fly her off. Instead, I felt like only *I* could cause us to fly, and she needed to hold onto me. We slowly, shaky at first, lifted off and I began flying us through the air. I remember thinking, “I know SHE’S not really here, but how cool would it be if SHE was dreaming this at the same time?”

We landed semi-quickly. I wasn’t impressed with myself yet. So we jumped back into the air, and I flew us up into some trees. I explained to her how feeling the texture and grit in dreams helps solidify the reality. I rubbed my hands across the tree bark and felt the leaves. She pointed out the skyscrapers nearby, as we were apparently in a park within a city, and said she wanted to fly up to the top of one. I wasn’t so sure of my abilities to get us there, I was rather wobbly and shaky. She acted rather unimpressed and didn’t see the difficulty.

So I said okay, let’s do it. I flew us up, up, past windows and smaller buildings, until finally we reached the top of a medium sized skyscraper. I was pretty proud of myself. Unfortunately, something on top of the roof distracted me. I believe it was musical equipment of some sort, and I wanted to check it out. Once I went down this train of thought, I forgot that I was dreaming and was swept up into whatever the unconscious mind had in store for me.

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