The Travel Channel

While I didn’t have the most lucid dreams last night (only one brief portion of a single dream temporarily had me self aware), there was plenty of flying. Mostly, it was a night of taking trips.

Not certain of the order these occurred in, but the best of them involved my friend and I going on a cross country trip, via a winged glider. My wife couldn’t make the trip due to work, and my friend really wanted to go along. Flying above interstates to make sure we were going the right way, we’d occasionally go off path to see the sights.

The glider had a radio. We’d joke back and forth about what the disc-jockey was saying. I worried now and again that my friend was offsetting our weight with where on the glider he was holding onto. At one point we flew over a small airport, where mostly helicopters were taking off, but also some small pricate planes were taxing. I thought, “Maybe I should have flown a-round the airport,” but we were safe enough.

Then things turned a little strange, as we decided to land in this outcrop of large trees which housed a humanoid race of beautiful tree-creatures. Perhaps they were the sirens of our journey, because it distracted not only from our trip, but completely killed this portion of the dream, as I do not remember what happened next.

Short Side Trips

I only have a vague visual image from a dream that was almost cartoonish, which occurred on a cruise ship. I want to say there were animated sea creatures in cruise crew attire. This was either an odd side dream, or the setup for a new dream, in which dozens of our friends and acquaintances were going on a multi-portioned trip. I recall having to deal with either stealing back my own car, or replacing a car that wasn’t ours so people wouldn’t have suspected we used it. I also remember thinking some in our huge caravan had already left for the next leg, and some hadn’t yet arrived at our current destination.

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