Nightmare Land

I was in control of a girl’s journal through stages of a nightmare, where she was supposed to be the lucid dreamer. My job was to put her thru the ringer, to test her ability to maintain control and lucidity. On winding rails, me and my team of unseen forces were encasing her within a coffin whilst singing a creeping “hum, ho, deedly dee,” song.
She began to lose her mind as fire and caverns surrounded us and corpse heads popped up from behind rocks to sing along, and I was upset because I realized that her “dream mastery” had been forfeited by her getting too distracted with fear and forgetting that she was only dreaming. I even tried showing her how you just had to ball yourself up and let it all melt away… As I did this, the dream swirled and I was transferred into another dream, still not quite acknowledging that -I- was in fact dreaming.

I also dreamt I was waiting on a friend who was a managing consultant in a very strange business that I didn’t quite have a handle on. He was finishing up with a client who was on the verge of “rediscovering” his ancient, lost pagan god name, and if he could just remember it and his followers, he could regain his powers. In the dream, however, I remember thinking the guy was a loser, though possibly really who he claimed to be.

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