Rollicking Lucid Motorway

I was dreaming that I was in a house with my sister and my niece. It suddenly dawned on me that my niece was named AFTER my sister (which, in fact, is NOT the case) and all these years I didn’t realize they had the same name. We went outside, and there were snakes in the driveway. I couldn’t tell if they were poisonous or not, though they had yellow rings around their necks.

It was dark out, and I was worried since I saw a few more that this was an epidemic. My sister wasn’t being careful, and seemed flippant. She pointed out that she had a pet tiger, and it was in the neighbor’s driveway, and if that didn’t frighten her, why should snakes? I was terrified! She wanted to show me that the tiger wasn’t a threat, but it did not seem non-threatening. I suddenly decided it’s time to do a reality check.

Sure enough, I had several extra fingers. I instantly blew off the dream I was having, and took off into the air. I flew around for a bit, and pushed people aside. But soon I grew tired and curled up and willed a new scenario.

Now it was daylight and I was in an open air vehicle, with my seat raised up like I was in a miniature, cartoon dragster. I started riding down the road, ploughing in and out of lanes. I kept trying to remind myself that I was dreaming, because I knew I had the tendency to forget when I get in the swing of things. I saw a guy driving with a bunch of girls in his car. In my mind now I remember him as very cartoonish, almost like a caricature of a handsome, go lucky kind of guy. I swerved into his lane to scare him a little, which only got his attention. He kind of chuckled, and we began toying with each other. I’d toss things towards his car to see if I could get them into his window which was open. His car group laughed and shouted things back to me. They tossed things back. At one point something hit my head, which annoyed me since this was MY dream.

So I grew bored with that and swerved into their lane so that they crashed into an off ramp divider. There wasn’t any detailed wreck afterwards, but people surrounded the area that the crash should have taken place in and rubber necked. I admired my missing destruction, still vaguely aware that I was in fact only dreaming. I felt myself begin to awaken, so I tried not to fight it and see if I could simply drift into another dream, but I heard the fan in my room and my wife getting ready for work in the morning.

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