Random Non-Flights of Fancy (An Accidental Return to W.I.L.D.ing)

This morning I woke up after about 5 to 6 hours of sleep, having to use the restroom. Afterwords, as I return to bed I just sat there mildly awake, with the sun out as it was roughly 7 AM. I decided to go downstairs and lay on the couch due to a headache that I had. I took some headache medicine and just laid there trying to fall back to sleep.

At one point I thought to myself how it’s been a long time since I maintained purposeful lucid dreaming via the “wake, back to bed” technique, and an especially long time since I attempted a W.I.L.D. (wake initiated lucid dream).
I made a mental note to start trying to do this on days off and/or days I didn’t have to be at work too early, and drifted back to sleep. Soon, my wife woke me up as she had to start getting ready for work, so I went back upstairs, used the restroom again, and while returning to bed, I had a strange sensation, so I did a quick reality check (counting both hands for all 10 fingers).

I fell back to sleep almost instantly, and was soon dreaming of something strange enough for me to do another reality check now in my dreams. I was tired of flying once I’ve discovered I’m dreaming, but unfortunately without any kind of goals I just resorted to the more base, antisocial things you cannot do in real life. I started to break things first and then attempted to go outside for sexual escapades.

Bear in mind that despite the word lucid being in the phrase “lucid dreaming”, you’re not necessarily thinking with your waking mind. In other words, sometimes I remember to hold back because I do indeed intend to blog about these dreams later, other times I’m just too excited to discover I can “do anything” because I’m only dreaming and not thinking clearly enough for the conscience to interfere with the unconscious/vaguely conscious decisions I then make. Usually this results in quickly losing lucidity.

This is why dream goals are good to have, and maintaining a conscious effort to have lucid dreams keeps those goals in the forefront of your dreaming mind.

However, in order to go outside, I’d have to step through a door, and leave the imaginary apartment that I was in and found hard to maintain now that I was lucid, and form an entirely new scenario outside. I opened the door while closing my eyes and trying to calmly imagine the outside. Soon I was walking out onto the sidewalks adjoining attractive condos and 2-story apartments, lots of greenery, and a sunbathing beauty outside of the next home….. 😘

But of course, any excitable activity shifted the dream, and I started to wake up. I went numb and relaxed. I could hear my real room’s fan, but I just let it lull me back into another dream.

I attempted and failed to resurrect the previous scenario, and soon was dreaming something totally new and unrelated. But once again, I was reality checking and off and trying to explore my new dream environment. I remember thinking, “I’ll never remember all these details, not into my third dream now,” and sure enough, I don’t. Just the above vague main points.

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